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I really wish they did this


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I need my "RMB" (Right Mouse Button) to be Forward in cars and Lean Forward in helicopters.


Of course, since cars and planes are apparently considered the same thing by Rockstar, I can't set the settings like this.


They really should have done On Foot, In Car, and In Plane controls.

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Well, there are separate On Foot and On Car controls, but I agree that there should be another configuration for choppers.


You'd think it would be an easy addition to add to a future patch... but they still never fixed the Purple Nines bug in the first game, so I'm not holding my breath.  :/

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I'd like to play with Standard controls, but, switching from Mouse/Keyboard whenever you get in a car is a pain in the ass...   :furious:

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I'll never understand how you ppl play with those different controls I've tried but......

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Umm, I don't know, I've used the same controls for years now.  Why?  Because some dude on Quake 2 gave me a control set up and I use it for every game.  That really has nothing to do with Vice City, but the point is, it's just what we get used to.


And when it comes to games (mainly First Person Shooters) having the same control setup for YEARS will give you an early, early advantage of everyone else.  Don't you think?  Why change your controls every game?  Just to confuse yourself?


Don't you think if "RMB" went Forward in a helicopter, it should ALSO go Forward in the car?  Well, thanks to Rockstar, that's not possible in Vice City.

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ahh yes introduction of a particular style at an early age must be it I learned from a 20 year old Counter Strike guru and my controls have worked ever since for every game it's the same config it's basically a WASD form but with many hotkeys remapped

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For my first person shooters;


Mouse2 = Forward

Shift = Backward

A = Jump


Ah, nevermind, you get the idea.  I hate this new "modern" crap with the W, S, A, and D being for strafing and forward/backward.  I can't stand them.

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I've heard of your style and i have nothing against it because it allows for a lot of hotkeys as well but i guess for us who are left handed wasd just works better b/c we don't have as fine motor control on the right hand and so we whack that button a lot. What i can't stand is the arrow key method

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Stupid people set their Right Mouse button and the middle mouse button to use Scopes on sniper rifles and stuff (not for Vice, for other games).  Then they set W as forward.


I mean, you could have a MUCH better use for your left hand than having to hold "W" all the time.  You use forward more than scope.  Naturally, right mouse should be forward.  It just makes sense.


By the way, we're way off topic...  :bored:

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Why would you not use a mouse wheel for scopes......unless you don't have one but if you like using your mouse so much you have to have a top line cordless optical



We are off topic aren't we?

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