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For all who are tearing their hair out!!!!


First, uninstall VC completely - delete all the folders to be sure afterwards.


also make sure the gta_vc file is deleted from the C:\Docs and Settings\(UR username)\ My Documents\GTA Vice City User Data\


directory - hell delete that too!


Theeeeeen, find the latest whizz bang sound card drivers - if youve got an audigy get the new beta drivers from the europe creative site, make sure your drivers are bang up to date and that windows isnt overriding them (DXDIAG tool)


Now all you have to do is reinstall VC and it should work.


This works because the game checks your sound kit while installing, and the file in your documents and settings folder doesn't actually hold hardware data.


Good luck all.

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I think installing drivers & reinstalling Vice City would be the common sense thing to do?


Anyone who had sound card issues and DIDN'T try this doesn't deserve to have it fixed.

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Actually.........That was the first thing I did when I installed GTA:VC for the first time and noticed that the sound was fooked........It didn't work for me.  But good try, I hope that it helps some other people.

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yep, fair points both of you, but...

this only worked for me with the beta drivers for my audigy - the offical latest drivers did not work - even by re - installing drivers then VC.


the point i was making was you have to completely remove VC when you change soundcard hardwar or drivers - not just remove the file that tech support tell you to (they are lame)

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I had the same problem with the same card, and tried the giving advice, but I changed it another way, it worked for me, maybe for others aswell :

It seemed that DX9 put my soundcard acceleration on basic instead of full, so I ran "dxdiag", and put the slider back to full and suddenly I had hardware audio under GTA:VC


maybe it may work for others...



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i just received a reply from take 2 tech support (email) that said only the new beta drivers will work properly for audigy/audigy 2 cards.


why they don't know this at the phone centre i dont know.


only took them 7 days to work it out!!


they still only say to delete the file in my docs tho, whereas the whole thing needs to be uninstalled.




oh well!  :rampage:

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