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[GTA III] Scripting Textures?


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Hey guys, just a quick one...


With all those ASi plugins, limit adjusters and CLEO scripts that we got nowadays, would it be possible to have a flat model area (such as the billboard, for example) with "animated" texture? Animated as in having a script to scroll through IDK, 8-12 different texture slots every 0.5 second or less, loaded into the game from custom TXD library and thus make the illusion of being animated. For example, to make a flashing (neon-like) arrow or any other, similar animation which would benefit from flipbook and/or stop & go animation technique.


Just a quick reminder that we are talking GTA III here (and perhaps Vice), and NOT San Andreas.

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Bump ... and another approach.


Instead of shuffling textures, would it be possible to shuffle models, which are linked to different textures? Kinda like default TOBJ, but at much faster rate.

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