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Simple Trainer for Single Player - Mod Menu / Trainer


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Hey guys, I made a new mod menu / trainer for singleplayer gta v!


The trainer offers a range of standard features for users. It includes the simplest speedometer, which can display speed in either KM/H or MP/H or both. There are 60 customizable teleporting options accessible via the trainer.ini. Additionally, there are 12 vehicle spawning options linked to hotkeys, which can also be personalized through the trainer.ini. All other car models can be spawned using the menu.

Furthermore, you can set a default station for each vehicle you enter or when using the mobile radio, and these settings can be configured in-game or through the trainer.ini. The trainer enables you to change your player model via the menu.

Time and weather options are available, along with various car-related features. Predefined teleport slots can be adjusted in-game, overwriting the existing values.

The trainer also offers bodyguard and pedestrian spawning. You can spawn any model and assign any weapon, with defaults specified in the trainer.ini. These settings can also be modified via the in-game bodyguard menu. Additionally, you can spawn drivers, combat pedestrians, and pedestrians who attack the player. Normal pedestrians can be given up to ten tasks, and you can assign the same tasks to the last spawned pedestrian. Bodyguards can be set to follow you in a car, and you can perform actions on specific pedestrians.

The trainer includes a mobile radio that functions outside of the car, offering all the features available with the standard radio.

The trainer.ini file contains default settings that can be enabled at the start of the game. For more detailed information and installation instructions, please refer to the ReadMe provided with the trainer.



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