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What next?


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Basically...you're done.

Have you:

completed the rampages


ambulance/fire/pizza/vigilante missions?

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What must I do after I do that "Keep your friends close..." Mission?

Now you "Accadently" delete your save game data and say oh sh*t.... and play the game all over again.  ;)


I Rember I tryed to get the bullet proof admril and i accadently wrote over my completed game heh :sarcasm:

thank god I backed up at the cap the collector mission  :sarcasm:

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"Keep Your Friends Close" is the last storyline mission.


Go here to see what else you have to do to get 100% :)

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get a cop uniform from the washington beach police station. go to the army base and steal the Hunter. Play Vigilante and obtain 150 armour. do the pizza bike missions till you get 150 health. now go all out for 100%

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id definatly say its worth getting 100%,

u can have soo much fun with ur rewards ,


i still play it now, and i finished it like a week after i got it was in november

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WoW everyone here has said the exact same thing..........get 100 percent now that is what to do but it's just kinda funny seeing many people saying the same thing

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