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Red Dead Online Event - Bounty Hunters Choose Your Targets, More Blood Money Opportunity Rewards and More (September 2023)


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This month on the Frontier, bounty hunting is back on the menu with bonuses on contracts/missions and award trade-ins - choose your favourite target and get them either dead or alive... For those looking for freebies, rewards for Blood Money Opportunities and Contracts continue, alongside bonuses on the Featured Series


Much like the GTA Online posts, it is a preview so information may be subject to changes or corrections.


We understand that not every Event will be to everyone's liking, some will certainly be more exciting than others, but anyway...

Let's get started!


Sheriff, we NEED a Bounty Hunter!

This month on the Frontier, these pesky criminals are out there again terrorising the populace from Lemoyne to New Austin and beyond. They clamour for a headhunter, or a Bounty Hunter as they say, and this is their time to shine for extra money, gold and even some rewards. Whether it's a simple headhunt or a legendary one, there are bonuses for all Bounty Hunter Missions.

If you prefer to loiter around, Bounty Hunter focused Free Roam events are on the menu too.

For the month of September, you can find:


  • 2x RDO$ and XP on all Bounty Hunter Missions
  • 3x RDO$, Gold and XP on Bounty Hunter Award Trade-ins
  • 3x RDO$ and XP on Day of Reckoning and Manhunt Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events
  • Complete both a Legendary AND Infamous Bounty to receive a Dark Olive Benbow Jacket and a pack of cigarettes
  • Complete any Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event to receive a Gray and Navy pair of Griffith Chaps


  • Complete any Bounty Hunter Mission during the following weeks to receive:
    • 5th - 11th September: Green and Light Tan Winter Shotgun Coat
    • 12th - 18th: A Green pair of Calhoun Boots
    • 19th - 25th: White and Navy Griffith Chaps
    • 26th September - 2nd October: A Gray Benbow Jacket



By @XxJazzy42xX (source)


Miscellaneous Bonuses - Earn on the Featured Series and Get Down and Dirty with Blood Money Contracts

This month, outlaws of all ilk can participate on the Featured Series modes to get a bonus for their actions. Whether that's saving your locals from an invasion or otherwise we don't know yet, but if the Modes are your thing, enjoy the extras.

You may or may not be tired of hearing the word 'Capitale', but truth is if you're looking for quick gratification and a quick buck, contractors are giving out rewards for engaging in Blood Money Contracts and Opportunities. As such, this month:


  • 2x RDO$, Gold and XP on the Featured Series
  • Complete any Blood Money Opportunity to receive the Green and Light Tan Calhoun Boots
  • Complete three Blood Money Contracts to receive the Gray Winter Shotgun Coat


For the purveyors of limited-time fashion, a new piece of clothing will be available until the end of the bonus period on the 2nd October - find the Squat Stovepipe Hat and the Charro Jacket available for purchase from stores and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue.



Until the 2nd October, find discounts on licences, pamphlets, express yourself for cheaper, and more:

Gold Bars off

  • 5 Gold Bars off: Bounty Hunter Licence
  • 10 Gold Bars off: Prestigious Bounty Hunter Licence


30% off

  • Ammo Crafting Pamphlets
  • Ponchos
  • Turkoman Horses
  • Revolvers
  • Rifle and Pistol Ammo


40% off

  • All Bounty Hunter Emotes
  • "Dramatic Actions" Emotes


50% off

  • Bolas - including Hawkmoth, Brookstone and Gravesend



This Month's Community-Inspired Outfit




Every month in Red Dead Online, Rockstar selects an outfit inspired by a content creator's creation, and this week, YouTuber Carly GB is on the spotlight. Her channel features an assortment of Red Dead Online outfit videos, alongside some others for other games if that's your thing - you can look dapper both on the frontier, AND in space.

As such, check out this month's freebies to emulate Carly's outfit, alongside a wee suggestion from the creator herself:



A specialised image of this month's Community Inspired Outfit will be available from R* themselves.


More info on the Rockstar Newswire


<- Previous Event Month


As this is a preview, any information in this post is subject to change and any corrections or missing details will be added as found.

Edited by Spider-Vice
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Right after I completed bounties....  time to go again then.:kekw:

 2dQaqi9.png purple-diamond-gem.gif

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Rev. Gnash


"Those with a Prestigious Bounty Hunter License who successfully nab both a Legendary and Infamous Bounty this month will receive a dark olive Benbow Jacket along with a pack of Cigarettes — which provide a slight boost to Deadeye."

 A pack of Cigarettes?




Well, sh*t... time to hunt some bounties.






Edited by Rev. Gnash
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Anyone else from here getting kicked with an error randomly recently? It happened to other players in-game too.

Edited by 44Orca

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3 minutes ago, 44Orca said:

Anyone else from here getting kicked with an error randomly recently? It happened to other players in-game too.


Yeah, I get kicked and a "failure to connect to Rockstar servers" type message occasionally. (Xbox 1)

Edited by Taterman
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That's the same message I get, PC (Steam). The other players in the lobby I was in also got kicked with it and rejoined like I did.

I thought it was some cheater kicking me out but I guess it isn't.

Edited by 44Orca

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