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Rico the Cuban


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Remember this fella from the Cubans? Well, ok, here it goes. First he's telling Tommy his beautiful boat is not good full of holes. You have to do the Haitans drug deal mission afterwards. Rico is getting blown up because two Haitans throw a grenade at him.


On a few missions later, you have to get a Voodoo with Pepe and blow up the Haitans plant. You have to pay Rico a visit!


Is it some twin brother, or a story messup?


An extra note: I hate that you can't do missions like Alloys wheels of steel over and over, you have to make a special savegame to keep practising to get a good time on those missions.. The times are in your stats though.


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Yea i realized that too, but never mentioned it, im pretty sure they just goofed the story. or maybe somehow Rico survived the explosion. And can still be walking a few days later  :D

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