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[MP] Rouge Redemption


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MelonDoge30's production

a DYOM ReD mission series





"Time heals all wounds - But does it really? Or does it makes them worse?"



1974: "Civic Virtue Guild" - a secret self-funding agency formed by late Matthew Walker. An agency made for the safety of the society, for the betterment of the society. Matthew always thought that police and FBI forces were nothing, just a bunch of puppets controlled by the government. He, then decided to help the society - anonymously. Slowly and steadily, the agency grew and grew and grew.

And they kept on doing what's good for the world.


Fast forward to 2010, the agency is decorated with some young and bright minds. They might not be much, but they certainly pack a damn punch.

Alex Walker, the protagonists, whose life takes a lot of drastic turns as he faces various challenges.

In the world where the line between right or wrong blurs, he has to take a side. He will have to question himself.


"He thought that he could move on - but he can't. He won't."






Episode 1

Episode 2





@MelonDoge30 for production of this series.

Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for being original DYOM authors.

Halter/brassiere for remastering DYOM. (DYOM ReD)

Edited by MelonDoge30
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Post modified and bbcodes mess are fixed.

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