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Was Tommy a made man in the Forelli family or just an associate?


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No, it wasn't. But he has a clear Italian lineage, so I assume he was a made man. Besides, I don't think associates are tasked with assassinations and the like.

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Considering that Sonny Forelli couldn't simply get rid of Vercetti back in Liberty and had to hire several hitmen to have him killed, I believe he was a made man. And if that's how it was, then he has been a made man permanently, at least that is how it is in American-Italian mafia traditions. However, given that there are multiple cases of mobsters breaking their own code in the GTA series, God knows whether Tommy was a made man while being in Vice City or not. :/

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Angel Piner

Tommy was a made man. He even had the “Hardwood Butcher” nickname.

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"Yeah, I've been part of a family before alright. It didn't work out." - ' seems pretty clear cut to me.

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