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Funny Question About Cutscenes

Nurse Busta

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Little question. Why do the characters in the cutscenes of most missions in this game not move their lips whenever they're talking? I don't think this problem is related to this game being a PSP exclusive, because it's not existent in any of VCS' cutscenes. I've noticed that multiple times and I felt that there was something fishy behind it so I decided to ask the fellow forumers.


"I swear - just when things were looking up - I'm cursed! I'm f*cking cursed!” -Salvatore Leone in Sindacco Sabotage


You're cursed because you can't move your f*cking lips.

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This is only for "in-game" cutscenes where the pedestrian models of the characters are used. Since the game was developed originally for PSP which has a 4 inch screen with resolution 480x272, you can barely distinguish mouths and eyes, especially because there isn't a close-up camera there. It's only for some cutscenes where they use the cutscene models with animated heads.

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On 8/20/2023 at 10:27 PM, kubon352 said:

Most of the curscenes were not mo-cap recorded, so that's why.

Another reason to think that LCS had a very rushed development. It's persumable its development took an amount of time that is similar to the development of Vice City.

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Something I don't really like about the in-game cutscenes when compared to the mo-caped ones is that they lack energy. The characters typically walk a bit and/or stand still and move their arms occasionally, and apart from San Andreas, their lips don't move. It's not terrible, if anything I think it's serviceable, but it makes me appreciate the mo-caped cutscenes even more because of how good they are and how much they add to the overall experience.



Or maybe characters in the 3D universe are able to communicate via telepathy which is never mentioned, and they only move their lips in the mo-caped cutscenes in order to appear normal, because they're aware that a camera is watching them. :jkek:


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They kept the budget lower than with the mainline titles by mo-capping only a fraction of the cutscenes. But when LCS proved to be successful and sold well, they decided do a better job with VCS's cutscenes.

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