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[GTA III] Peds Questions

Brazilian Leone

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Brazilian Leone

Hi guys,


I have some questions about the peds in GTA III coding. Can someone help me?


1) The first question is about the code "create_random_actor" of the main.scm file, like in the Paramedic mission:


0376: $PATIENT5 = create_random_actor $PARAMEDIC_CREATE_PATIENT_X


My question is: what is the range of this opcode? What is the full list of models that can be spawned by that? I mean, this code won't spawn a FRANKIE model, so what regulates what peds will spawn and what peds won't?


2) My second question is about the pedstats.dat file. More specifically, about the Flee Distance, Fear, Temper, Lawfulness, Sexiness, Attack Strength and Defend Weakness stats. What are the real, numerical, significances of these stats?


I mean, it is possible to think minimally about the functions of these, but does someone know it in deep? For example: Fear determines the probability of the ped to flee if attacked by the player or other ped. But, how much Fear the ped needs to flee a punch? How much to flee a gunshot sound? And how much to flee if he gets shot? And the other stats? What it means, and what are the numerical implicancies of each of them?


3) My third question is if is possible that a Cop become a passenger in the Taxi Driver mission. I think that I'm talking about this opcode and similars:


02DD: set_actor $PED_FOR_TAXIMISSION creation_zone "IND_ZON"


Thank you very much! (And sorry about my spelling, I'm not a English native speaker/writer)

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