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How can I render an atomic in VC?


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i tried like CPed::Addweapon,use m_pWeaponModel = (RpAtomic*)CModelInfo::GetModelInfo(id)->CreateInstance();

but it not showed in gameworld.

and i keep tried Cped::Render,


RpHAnimHierarchy *hier = GetAnimHierarchyFromSkinClump(GetClump());
        int idx = RpHAnimIDGetIndex(hier, m_pFrames[PED_HANDR]->nodeID);
        RwMatrix *mat = &RpHAnimHierarchyGetMatrixArray(hier)[idx];
        RwFrame *frame = RpAtomicGetFrame(m_pWeaponModel);
        *RwFrameGetMatrix(frame) = *mat;

but i cant find RpAtomicRender in SDK.

in revc, it just RpAtomicRender(RpAtomic atomic) { atomic->render(); return atomic; },

i find render() in nowhere

😵‍💫how can i render an atomic

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