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GTA 3 Design Document itemized from GTASeriesVideos' video


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To begin, I just wanna say it's f*ckin wild how nobody is really talking about the video GTASeriesvideos uploaded over a year ago about the GTA 3 Game Design Document (GDD) they got from ebay. On a personal note, as much as the idea of what we could've gotten for III fascinates me, I don't really think much about that video myself. I dunno why, maybe because I'm more into reading as opposed to skipping through the video to get all the info tidbits? I dunno, all I know is that I spent six hours copying sh*t from the video to archive in a thread for people like me who would rather read about what could have been at their own leisure than sit and watch a video about it.


One thing I'll point out though before I post what I got down from the video; I know for a fact it's messy and kinda all over the place. I can't remember if it was on discord or on the gtaforums here, but the guy who runs GTASeriesVideos says that he's not going to post the whole entire doc or upload it as a PDF or whatever because it would cause his purchase to lose its value. It's f*ckin bullsh*t but what can I do about it? So yeh if it's all over the place, forgive me because I copied it as it was presented in the video. If there's information leading up parts or whatever that's not there or available, it's not my fault the dude who made the video didn't make the whole chapter available.


Another thing I'd like to point out are that there are several misspelled words and misused homophones. I'm not sure as to whether or not they were originally misspelled on the design document or if they were misspelled by whoever was typing the sh*t from the doc to the video.



Design Document
Version 1.39
Last Update - 29 December 2000

2D to 3D



'Grand Theft Auto' is a hugely successful video-game franchise. There are many reasons why it sold so well and these must be maintained and enhanced in GTA3. With the series now moving into the 3D world, care must be taken not to loose the 'simple' gameplay elements that all the other GTA games have.
It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why GTA is so popular but some of the most obvious reasons are:
⦁    Simple game play - Small 'easy to swallow' missions giving instant rewards.
⦁    Cool concept - Everybody wants drive (sic) round a city in fast cars and shoot people.
⦁    Identifiable surroundings - Based in a city (City's (sic) are obviously good as most people live in them)
⦁    Maps are open allowing player complete freedom.



With consoles becoming more powerful, they are capable of producing more immersive games (cut scenes, detail and sound). This should not just be used to make games look and sound better, but to instill emotion while the game is being played. The convergence of game and film should be used to our full advantage by having a believable and engrossing story. We want the player to feel anger, sadness, joy etc as they play GTA3. 




GTA3 is set now - people want to play games they can relate to, not future looking nerd games. Cars will be based on real cars with very slight changes for copyright reasons. Buildings will be everyday American style. 

It's set in a New York rip off city called 'Liberty City'. Its manky, brightly lit, scary, and full of pedestrians. Areas of the map include slums, Chinatown, red light, docks, residential.

The look is dark, grimy, and smoggy and unlike other GTA games, 3D. This allows much greater freedom for object placement and missions. Shadows will be used to enhance the scary feel of the city. The pedestrians are easily recognisable as good, bad, or indifferent.




Vehicles play a large part in the game and should therefore be fun to drive. The following list describes the vehicle behavious we will simulate.

Car handling characteristics:
⦁    wheel spins
⦁    handbrake turns
⦁    180 handbrake turns
⦁    y-turns
⦁    180 reverse turns
⦁    Power slide round bends (like Sega Rally)
⦁    jumps


Automatic Gears
It is necessary for the vehicles to have gears. These will be used by the audio programmer to create realistic engine noises. All the cars in the game will be automatic, no manual gear control is available.




Creation Ratios

Cars within GTA 3 use a ratio creation system. As the player enters new blocks, cars will be created depending on the ratios defined for that block. A typical ratio would be as follows:
⦁    Cops     -20%
⦁    Vans     - 30%
⦁    Gangs    - 20%
⦁    Normal - 30%

Auto brake when changing direction
There are only two buttons for driving the car: Accelerator and a combined Brake/Reverse. If the player is driving forwards and wants to stop, the brake/reverse key must be pressed. This causes the car brakes to operate. Once the car has come to rest the reverse gear is automatically selected and the car will reverse.

Buoyancy & boat handling
Objects in water will behave according to Archimedes principle. The weight of the object will be balanced against the weight of fluid displaced by the object. If an object is light enough it will float, too heavy and it will sink. The main calculations involve finding the Centre of Buoyancy and the volume of water displaced by the boat.

Some vehicles are fitted with alarms. These will sound when the vehicle is stolen or when another object collides with it.

Cars emit many different sounds. Within the vehicle structure (entity or type) we store many values to help produce realistic sound. The values required are gear, revs, damage, engine type, sound dispersion, speed (fore or back). Below defines list (sic) of triggered samples required from vehicles:
⦁ Doors open/close
⦁ Bonnet open/close*
⦁ Windows Up/Down*
⦁ Wheel trims rolling*
⦁ Collision samples. Glass, metal, thuds etc
⦁ Reverse warning
⦁ Sirens
⦁ Running over cobbles/different road types*


(EDITORS NOTE - Presumably the GTASeriesvideo guys left out a whole section about vehicle damage and how it works, only showing the aftermath and results of car damage)
This forms the basic damage system. Other special cases are also required.

⦁ The bonnet catch can become broken and the bonnet can flap as the car accelerates and brakes.
⦁ Wheels become buckled
⦁ Sparks fly from panels scraping on the ground
⦁ Parts fall off
⦁ Windows smash/shatter
⦁ Cars explode/catch fire
⦁ Airbags operate
⦁ Tyres burst
⦁ Wheel trims fly off
⦁ Exhaust fumes become black
⦁ Radiators burst


When the car is completely damaged, it texplodes killing anything within a pre-set radius.


(EDITORS NOTE - I know these renders are all out of order, please forgive me! I'm presenting them in the same order as they were presented in the video)








(EDITORS NOTE - Speed boat later became speeder)


























(EDITORS NOTE - Became Cabbie)




(EDITORS NOTE - I know it's unprofessional to go off on a tangent about personal sh*t but this has to be an 85-89 model. I had a 1982 wagon and that f*ckin thing was so boxy it's like someone took a drawing of a car I made in 1st grade and scanned it and my old station wagon was a result. The 85-89 models had a lazy facelift where only the front end became more curvy while the rest was still the same box from 81-84)








(EDITORS NOTE - Whoever was narrating the video called this a Ford Riviera as opposed to a Buick :cringekek: )











Weapons are collected by simply running through them. Weapons appear on the map as spinning 3d models. Weapons can also be obtained from crates, special cars, or special buildings. If the player is already in posession of the collected weapon, then the ammo count will increase.










The weapon targeting system in GTA3 has two main modes - free mode and lock-on mode. Most weapons can be fired in either mode, although there will be some which can only be used in free mode - machine gun, flame thrower, and hand grenade. Some will have a unique firing mode - sniper rifle and rocket launcher.





Building Destruction
Destroying all buildings would be impossible but we can define some buildings that can be blown up. These buildings would 'change' when a bomb exploded besided them. Missions that require this type of destruction are defined by level designers and might be - 'Take out the Kiki restaurant on 42nd Street'. Once a building has been destroyed, it will remain in that state for the duration of the game. This will give the player a 'I (sic) did that' feeling every time they drive past.

(EDITORS NOTE - The following locations listed are introduced as "each of the districts should have the following". There is possibly a list that further details prerequisites for each district that isn't shown in the video)






(EDITORS NOTE - Gun shops, spray shops, and bomb shops are further listed as "common areas" but aren't given a proper table as per the locations above or below)





Industrial - District One





(EDITORS NOTE - I have no clue what the picture depicted is supposed to be please stop calling me at 5am asking about it I'm literally getting my information from the same souces available to you)







(EDITORS NOTE - Garages & lockups are then mentioned for a side mission involving stealing cars. "Some of them may have contained a spray booth to clean the vehicles", as stated by the video narrator)







(EDITORS NOTE - The video narrator immediately thereafter states "Road tunnels, much like the basketball courts, were retained". There is likely a section about the both of them in the GDD that isn't shown in the video)








Joey hangs out in a warehouse that has been transformed into a very well equipped garage. It has a walled yard out front (with a sliding gate) which leads to the door to the workshop proper within the warehouse. The gates into the warehouse are closed and if Joey emerges to speak to the Player, he will exit the warehouse through a secondary door set into the bigger gates. 

The garage has an air of busyness with a cacophony of workshop noises emanating from within (pneumatic wrenches, the high pitched whine of screw drives and the 'squek-k-k' of arc welders etc.) Standing with an ever so slight slouch, Joey emphasises gesticulations with the heavy money wrench that is always at his side.



Commercial - District Two


(EDITORS NOTE - After introducing the commercial area the video narrator states " 'Basically, Manhattan' as written in the document")






(EDITORS NOTE - The video narrator then states the City Hall on Staunton Island was supposed to be a museum, as well as that the Football Stadium and Casino were already listed and were to have their own peds.)











(EDITORS NOTE - The video narrator then states that Kenji's casino and Asuka's condo were featured aswell, but are not shown in the video)





Residential - District Three








(EDITORS NOTE - A park that is "possibly the Staunton View Picnic Area" is then mentioned by the narrator)















Prison Island




Cops communicate with each other over their radios and Claude can listen to these transmissions. The broadcasts help the player by informing him when he is wanted, being chased etc. They take the form of 'There's a 10-88 in north east Nixon Island'

(EDITORS NOTE - The above text is stated by the narrator as the possible name of the prison island. It also hints at the existence of a section within the GDD that talks about police radio at lengths of which we are not shown in the video)


Country Club


The rich Mafia bosses come to the golf course to relax. This is a perfect location for head mashing with a golf club.








(EDITORS NOTE - "The game is supposed to have four main criminal groups" - The narrator quoting from a page we are not shown in the video)

Smart suits and Italian accents. The Mafia are into protection rackets.

The Yakuza are a bit of a mix. The more senior gang members will dress smart in suits...but the henchmen wear more "street clothes". The Yakuza are a very organized and violent gang.

These guys are street punks...they aren't organised. They're (sic) crimes are either money or respect orientated. Liquor store robberies, drive by's (sic), and knocking off dealers.

Corrupt cops
The corrupt cops are bad boys. Sometimes, they'll want people hit. Sometimes even fellow cops. 

(EDITORS NOTE - Forellis, Yardies, Thongs (triads), Yardies, and Hoods are mentioned aswell but only in passing)






Claude's clothes will sometimes change. This is completely controlled by the game script.

The camera pulls back and we see 8-Ball and Claude stood (sic) over the unconscious cop.
8-Ball: "Damn that hurt!"
Claude: We need to get out of here! Do you know this city?"
8-Ball: "Sure thing. I know where we can lay low for a while but" (he holds up his bandaged hands), "I can't drive or use a piece."
Player: "It only takes once of us to drive. We need some wheels."

Pulp Friction Part 2
Maria: "That's Chico over there!"
Chico: "Hey my man, what's your product of choice?"
Claude???: "I'm looking for Maria's usual."
Chico: "No problemo. Here you go, enjoy your evening."
Claude??: "Nice doing business."
Maria: "I know of a warehouse party going down at the North end of Portland Harbour East. Let's go and party!!"
Claude: "Nah, I'll just park up here, catch some zzz's and make sure the car's OK."

(EDITORS NOTE - The above script excerpts are used as evidence that Claude used to be able to talk. They are stated as being the only two missions where Claude speaks. There could possibly be more dialogue for missions in the GDD that is ommited from the video)




8-Ball is the Player's first contact in the game. He is an explosives expert that ended up in jail after one of his devices blew up on a job before he placed it properly. As a result his hands are bandaged so he has trouble driving or using a weapon.

He has been a long time friend of Luigi and can be found at Luigi's club where he is a hit with the working girls. Being the only black associated with the Leone family every body (sic) knows his name and he enjoys a certain reputation on the streets.

8-Ball owns a garage in South Industrial area

Visit 8-Ball garage (sic) to get car fitted with explosives

8-Ball can carry out other explosive work too - for a price. 8-Ball is always available




Luigi is a smooth operator. Velvet tongued and dapperly dressed, he is the kind of pimp you could take home to meet your mother - and he'd probably have her working the streets that night!

Small of stature, Luigi probably developed his charm to survive the tough streets of Liberty but now he has the protection of the Mafia and a popularity gained from the high standard of the service he provides, he has an air of the untouchable about him. He is a long time friend of 8-Ball.





Loyal bodyguard to Luigi and the bouncer at his club. No one gets to see Luigi without Muscles seeing him or her first.

The only people that dare muck him about are Luigi, (in whose presence 'Muscles' is like a loyal puppy) and Frankie who often initiates a playful tussle with him.




Joey is Frankie's son. His love of motor vehicles has made him focus his area of operations around heists, hijackings, and robberies - in fact anything that might involve vehicles.

He prefers his overalls to a suit, much to his father's exasperation and often has to be reminded to smarten up before attending family meetings.

He has a 'relationship' with Misty, one of Luigi's girls.




Toni's role is one of territorial lieutenant. He defends and expands the family's operations, dealing ruthlessly with rival gangs.

Toni hasn't developed the charm that has allowed Luigi to progress through life. He went down the other route, developing a violent and crass personality. People are his 'friends' because they are scared not to be.

His only true love in his life is his mother whose restaurant he lives above. She still thinks of him as her golden boy and has a tendency to embarass him in front of other Mafia members. He in turn is like a lamb in her presence so she has no idea just how monstrous her 'little soldier' can be.




Maria is the players 'love interest' throughout the game. As the Player progresses through the levels, the player's fate will become interwined (sic) with Maria's.

Maria came to Liberty to study and like many female students in the States, she turned to erotic dancing to fund her way through college. After a month at Luigi's club, she became a bit of a starlet and despite Luigi's persuasive ways, she never took up the offer to become one of Luigi's "working girls". Inevitably she attracted Frankie's attention on one of his many visits to the club and soon became the centre of his amorous advances. As soon as she'd acknowledged his existence, she found herself isolated from the opposite sex. She was Frankie's girl whether she loved it or not. She then grew to like Frankie, but he didn't like her carrying on her education and liked even less her aspirations for a career. She soon found herself housebound and as Frankie became more used to her, so the romance waned and Frankie's darker side revealed itself. She is now desperate to escape her tragic situation.




Frankie heads the Leone family. He believes in traditional Sicilian family values and expects respect from every quarter. His manner is one of regal gentility, as if the slightest graceful gesture could signal the end of someone's life, which is very often the case.
This is in sharp contrast to the explosive rage that engulfs him when he is wronged. Although these outbursts aren't usually directed at people (whole restaurants being demolished as his lieutenants try to placate him while dodging flying debris), his wife Maria has been known to bear the brunt of his darkest moods.

Frankie can be found in his club in Little Italy

Player will kill this character during Commercial jobs

(Editor's note - The narrator mentions "Misty's description doesn't offer any additional details about her", implying that Misty has a section that isn't shown but it's whatever I guess)



Long time poker player and local businessman. Made the mistake of joining a 'family' game and ended up being owned by Joey. Despite pleading near bankruptcy he still appears to enjoy a life of plenty, something that Joey will now longer tolerate.




Chunky's noodle stand has long been an outlet for the Mafia's various narcotics but word on the street has it that he's been selling a new product, Rapture, for another gang. This is not the first time Chunky has crossed the line, but it may be his last.




Curly used to be the Mob's finest gun until a close call lost him his nerve. Relegated to a backup sniper, he found alcohol steadied his hand enough to snipe, but the liquor slowly consumed more of his time until he was too messed up to shoot. He finds himself doing menial tasks for Luigi (well away from the bar) and so is an easy targets for the Masks when they approach him for information.





Asuka is head of security for the Yakuza. She oozes self-confidence and has an organised and efficient air about her.

She dresses well, preferring a sharp trouser suit to both accentuate her figure and create a more masculine image to compete within the Yakuza's traditionally patriarchial hierarchy. She has a slight S&M air about her and finds violence a turn-on.




There aren't many people in this world as ruthlessly selfish as Ray Machowski. He has one rule in life; keep the cash rolling in. Everything and everybody else is expendable and any guilt can be drowned in good, old fashioned hard cash.

He lives for the thrill of walking the knife's edge between ill-gotten luxury and a life behind bars and has a reputation for 'losing' partners in the line of duty.

He has several women sprinkled about Liberty, all of which he keeps in a high standard of living - a cunning way to be rich, but not appear as if he's living beyond his means.

Asuka is concerned that his growing arrogance and air of untouchable is leading to the end of his usefulness as a police contact. She is keen to finish all business with him and recruit a new bent cop with a more tactful approach.




Kenji is one of a new breed. He has managed to blend seamlessly the ancient traditions of the Yakuza with the ways of modern capitalist life in the States. He loves Japanese street racers and finds American cars humorously crude. He can't fathom why there is such a black market in Japan for American cars, but why question the demand he regularly suppies? He enjoys the prestige that comes with running the Casino and has a reputation for being a bit of a gigolo.

The counterfeiting project was his idea and he regards this as an opportunity to show Toshiro and (more importantly) those in Japan, just how good an oyabun he'd make when Toshiro retires back to Japan.





Heavily lined, his face conveys a serenity and benevolence that bellies the power he wields and the number of people he has had killed. Impeccably dressed, he carries an ivory handled cane.

Toshiro came to the states as an eager young man in the late sixties and started work as a runner for a family betting shop. He experienced the lingering post-war antipathy toward Japanese immigrants that increased as Japanese manufacturing techniques caused massed unemployment in America. He soon realized that America was not its people, but its opportunities and so began his Yakuza empire.

With the counterfeiting operation he will have gained the reputation and respect in Japan to allow him to return to an honourable and wealthy retirement. He has a fatherly pride in Kenji's progress within his Yakuza family and has every confidence in leaving the concern in his control.



Claude's ex-lover. Betrays Claude in the opening scene.

She's a firey Latin American beauty, with looks that take any red-blooded male's fee will (sic) away. She's a man-eater, a femme fatale black widow praying mantis bitch with the kind of ambition that sees the dry husks of her ex-lovers fall by the wayside like so many paper-dry corpses. Always climbing the ladder to her next goal, there is always something more she desires. 'Satisfaction' is an alien concept to her.

Currently using Miguel 'La Vibora' and the Cartel to further her boundless ambition.



(EDITORS NOTE - If almost all the pictures come from scanning sh*tty photocopies, then how the heck did this artwork of Major Hale come to be? Idfk)




Darkel is used to replace Kill Frenzies that were found in GTA1 & 2. Darkel is a stinky, blind tramp who can be found dotted around Liberty City and will always have a job for Claude to perform. These jobs are not critical to the game but will be good fun to complete. A typical Darkel job may be to kill 20 businessmen with a rocket launcher within one minute. If the player completes this task, then he will be rewarded accordingly.





Smelly old tramp or shambling prophet of Armageddon, Darkel is an enigma.

Despite his tapping around the streets of Liberty with his cane, no one really knows if his blindness is for real or an affectation to give him an edge. Either way, his tangible aroma and maniacle mutterings give this walking trash pile a soapbox from which he can spout his bizarre requests.

He can be generous if his requests are granted/achieved and the Player will learn to listen for the telltale tap-tap-tap of his cane.

Darkel's rewards may range from a jar of stinky mixture or a flattened cat, to special weapons, defences or access to special areas of the city.

Darkel issues the player with 'special jobs'

Darkel rewards the player for performing 'special jobs'

Darkel cannot be killed - run him over and he simply gets back up

Darkel moves from area to area

Some pedestrians who walk past Darkel will hold their noses or be sick




Claude has just escaped a successful bank heist with the loot and his gang when The Masks ambush them. Left for dead he is patched up, convicted and packed off to Liberty to do time.

He shares his prison truck with 8-Ball (an explosives expert), an old Japanese gentleman and a prison guard. 8-Ball's hands are bandaged up. As the small convoy crosses the bridge that leads into Liberty City's industrial sector, they are ambushed by the Yakuza. Their aim is to free the Japanese gentleman (a plate engraver crucial to their counterfeiting plans) and they're keen for there to be no survivors.

A lucky break sees Claude and 8-Ball escape into the industrial sector. Unable to drive but with knowledge of his home turf, 8-Ball helps Claude get to a club in the red light district where they meet Luigi. An old friend of 8-Ball's and a key member of the local Mafia, Luigi offers Claude work. After doing errands in and around Luigi's pimping business, Claude gets to witness the presence of a new drug on the streets, Rapture and he meets Joey Leone.

Joey is the son of Mafia boss Frankie Leone, and runs a specialist garage down by the docks where he prepares and boobytraps vehicles for missions. His speciality is robbery, hijacking and anything else that might require mobility around Liberty.


While driving on an armored car heist, the Masks ambush Claude and the loot is stolen.

The Mafia is put on a war footing and Claude is introduced to Toni Fucile.

Toni is Frankie's general, a mean little man who switches from subservient momma's boy to violent psychopath at the drop of a pizza. He feels that there is a period of instability coming and that the Mafia must seek to reinforce its grip on the industrial sector before a confrontation with the Masks.


To this end he asks Claude to initiate hostilities with the <Thongs> (sic), a gang that runs Chinatown. Claude continues to run missions for Toni throughout a bloody gang war before being introduced to Frankie Leone.


The player's first meeting with Frankie is also his first with Maria. Maria is young and beautiful and totally trapped in a relationship with her much older and violent husband. A songbird in a barbed wire cage, she only gets to fly when Frankie is doing 'business' at Luigi's. The player's first job for Frankie is to chaperone Maria on one of her nights of freedom.


Frankie discovers a grass in the family and Claude is given the job of tailing him. He follows Curly Bob to a meeting with the Masks on a derelict freighter in the docks. He interrogates Curly afterwards and finds that the freighter is a factory manufacturing Rapture.


Frankie decides that enough is enough and the Masks must go. While the Mafia sorts out the Masks on the street, Claude is charged with destroying the Rapture Factory. He enlists 8-Ball and together they assault the Mask's stronghold. Gaining some revenge for his earlier hospitalization and conviction by killing one of the Mask Bosses in a brutal gunfight, Claude helps 8-Ball demolish the freighter in a spectacular fireball.


On returning to Frankie's, the player learns that Maria has run away. Frankie is furious and ready to order her death, but Claude persuades him that he might be able to bring her back.
As he heads into the Commercial sector, the player recieves a pager message from Maria...





Cut Scene One:

(I1) The Player is backing out of a bank with two cohorts. All three wear ski masks, all are armed - the player with a pump action shotgun. All three carry hold-alls full of cash. The alarm is ringing and the staff and customers are all lying face down on the floor. The player's (sic) cohorts turn and run out the back door. The player lets off two shots into the ceiling eliciitng screams from those on the floor, showering them with chunks of polystyrene tiling. The Player turns and follow (sic) his mates

Cut Scene Two - Ambush, Prison Break and 8-Ball.

(I2) The Player is gunned down and the lead Mask strolls over and takes the player's hold-all.

Fade to black with the Dual Shock beating out a weak pulse.

The player hears paramedics, surgeons, judge and jurry (sic) saving his life and convicting him respectively. The clamour of voices becomes louder and louder until the Judge's gavel silences the crowd like a gunshot. This marker coincides with a sudden switch to bright white. The Player's view clears a little as we soar in the sky above Liberty. There is no sound except the hushed roar of the city below. The player gets a look at the different areas to be explored in Liberty as the camera sails about the sky.

We focus attention on the suspension bridge that leads into the industrial sector and a police convoy heading that way. The camera swoopes down into the thunder of the early morning traffic, dropping in behind the Prison Truck.

[fx: cue suitably botty-kicking tunes]

Two black vans speed past the camera, overtaking the convoy.

[Opening credits start to punctuate and accentuate the action with freeze-frames and strobed visual effects.]

Inside the truck we see The Player sitting beside another convict (8-Ball) who has bandaged hands. The player looks up at an old Japanese gentleman (OJG), flanked by a guard, sitting opposite. The OJG turns his head away and looks out of the thick armoured glass in the rear door.

Cut to a camera following the truck at about 3m, we can see the OJG looking out of the rear window (applied texture). The camera rises above the truck to give a view of the road ahead, in the distance we can see the two black vans parked across the road. The camera zooms into the roadblock at hyperspeed and stops, framing two Yakuza soldiers who have exited a van and are pointing a rocket launcher at the oncoming convoy. Our POV is blinded by the flash of the rocket launcher (sound fx: kick ass tunes stop abruptly).

Camera POV changes to that of the rocket as it flies at hyperspeed towards the leading cop car. POV changes to above and behind the prison truck as the police car is blown into the air, spiraling over the truck (sound fx: kick ass tunes blast back into action).
POV switches to behind the Yak roadblock, looking towards the convoy as the truck screeches to a sliding stop. The rear police car avoids the truck, handbraking to a stop across the road. The police get out as the Yaks open up with machineguns (sic) but they are rapidly gunned down.

Camera stays behind the Yaks as they advance on the truck, emptying their magazines into the truck cab (civilian vehicles continue to add to the pile up a few metres behind the truck). They go around the back, point the rocket launcher at the rear doors and shout in Japanese, "BLA-DE-BLA". The doors open and a cop staggers into the sunlight, hands in the air.

OJG gets out, is greeted with a bow from the Yaks, and he is lead away. The cop keeps his arms in the air as he turns, following the OJG's progress and keeping an eye on the Yak's guns. His arms lower slowly, then <BLAM!> he's whacked in the jaw by a huge bandaged fist.

The camera pulls back and we see 8-Ball and Claude stood (sic) over the unconscious cop.

8-Ball: "Damn that hurt!"
Claude: We need to get out of here! Do you know this city?"
8-Ball: "Sure thing. I know where we can lay low for a while but" (he holds up his bandaged hands), "I can't drive or use a piece."
Player: "It only takes once of us to drive. We need some wheels."




Mission Briefings
There are many different ways of briefing the player on missions, some are listed below:

1) As part of a cut scene
The player watches a cut scene that sets up the mission story. Within this scene, the player is informed of their mission.
2) By telephone call.
The telephone rings and the player answers then caller informes player of mission
3) Meeting with game character.

The player will 'bump' into characters that pass on a mission brief.

Give Me Liberty


⦁    The player must steal a car and take 8Ball to the player's hideout to get a change of clothes.
⦁    Then they must drive round to Luigi's Club.


Luigi's Girls


(iL1b) When the player gets to the back door;
The narrow alleyway is almost totally blocked out by <Muscles>.
<Muscles>: "Da bozz will be oud to see you shortly."
Luigi comes out the back door.

Luigi Mission One; Whore Drop-off.
"8-Ball's vouched for ya so I guess I can give ya some work. He's got other business ta deal wit but he sez he'll catch up wit ya later.
"I got a coupla girls for you ta drop off round town. When you finished come back here and I might have more work for ya.
"We better sortya wit some new threads -we gotta dress code y'know!"

(iL1c) Claude enters the back door and is spat out wearing new clothes.
On screen mission title: "Ho Drop-off"

⦁    Steal a 4 door car
⦁    Pick up two hookers from Luigi's
⦁    Drop one hooker off at the clinic
⦁    Drop one hooker off at the priests


LUIGI: Grab some wheels and pull up front of the club. Take Trixie to the rev's and Misty to the Clinic. Come back here when you're finished.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - The video narrator then states that from this point onward that all Luigi's missions start in the narrow alley and are given to you via letter given to you by Muscles)

(iL2) When the player gets to the back door;
The narrow alley way is almost toally blocked by <Muscles>.
<Muscles>: "Luigi's busy but he asked me to give you this".
<Muscles> produces an envelope


Don' Smack ma Bitch Up


Luigi Mission Two; Don' Smacka ma Bitch up.

There's some new high on the streets that's screwing people bad style. They call it 'Rapture' but all I see is bad sh*t. Some pusher's been hassling my girls and I want you to deliver a VERY physical message to this guy. My girls stay clean and he stays off my territory.

On screen mission title: 'Don' Smacka ma Bitch up'

⦁    Find the dealer and beat him with the baseball bat until he gets the message

LUIGI: Some f*cker's been pushing 'SPANK' on my girls down at the docks. Take a bat and rearrange his face!


Drive Misty for Me


Luigi Mission Three; Misty Drive.

One of my girls needs a drive over to Joey Leone's place. I've had a word with Joey and he might have some work for some one (sic) who can handle himself. This is your foot in the door so don't blow it. But hey, don't be a stranger - I've still got plenty of work for a guy with your talents.

On screen mission title: 'Misty Drive'

⦁    Pick up Misty the hooker
⦁    Take Misty to Joey's before timer runs out (Joey is desperate for a shag)




Pump Action Pimp


Luigi Mission Five; Pump Action Pimp

There's some wise guy thinks he can just strut his dick all over my turf. He's been bussing his own scabby ho's in to (sic) the are and lowering the quality of the local product. He's made a big mistake but he don't know it yet and I want you to educate this young fool. I think you could say he's made a FATAL error, capiche?

On screen mission title: 'Pump Action Pimp'

⦁    Kill pump who has been moving in on Luigi's territory
⦁    Ram him in car
⦁    Shoot him when he comes out of car



The Fuzz Ball



(iL4) When the player gets to the back door;
The narrow alley way is almost toally blocked by <Muscles>.
<Muscles>: "Luigi's busy but he asked me to give you this".
<Muscles> produces a pager.

Luigi Mission Four; The Fuzz Ball.

Pager TEXT:
Tonight's my annual gift to those hard working officers who have helped business by keeping their vigilance channelled else where (sic). We're going to need a bus to transport the ladies to the Fuzz Ball.

Player Prompt: When Player has a bus;

Pager TEXT:
When you got the wheels pick up the girls from the club and drive them down to the Fuzz Ball on the corner of <Street>  and <Street>

⦁    Travel round map collecting hookers
⦁    Drive hookers to the Policeman's ball



'Lips' Forelli's Last Lunch


Joey Mission One (a); Mike Lip's Last Lunch pt.1.

"Hi, I'm Joey and you must be Claude. I got some work for you.
"Mike Lips has owed me money for too long, and he still finds the cash to stuff his big pig face at the best restaurants. Well he's chugged his last chowder.
"He's shovelling slops at <Restaurant Name>. Go get his wheels and bring'em back so we can fit 'em with a surprise."

On screen mission title: 'Mike Lip's Last Lunch'

(iJ1b) The Player returns with Mike Lip's car.
Joey is working under a car in the yard.

Joey Mission One (b); Mike Lip's Last Lunch pt.2.

"Take the wheels over to 8-Ball's Lockup. He'll sort you with a surprise for Mike, then return Mike's car and blow that motherfukka!"

⦁    Steal Lips car from restaurant
⦁    Take car to bomb shop (8 balls) and get it rigged
⦁    Deliver car back to restaurant before timer runs out


(EDITOR'S NOTE - The video narrator then states that for the next three Joey Missions, he's working under a car and tells you to collect an envelope on a bench to get your next mission

(iJ2) Joey is still under the car.
Joey: "There's an envelope on the bench."

Kill 'Chunky' Lee Chong



Joey Mission Two; Kill Chunky Dave.

Chunky Dave runs a noodle stand on the edge of China Town. Word is he's been pushing this Rapture sh*t for a new gang. He has no family, so he leaves no empty mouths. Catch my drift? Take the main drag up to <nth & nth>. Go round back of <'Pump Action'> and <shop owner> will sort you with a piece.

On screen mission title: 'Take-out Chunky Dave'

Mid-mission prompt: <gun training>

⦁    Get a gun
⦁    Kill Chunky at his stall in the market. He has 2 guys to back him up.
⦁    As soon as the player attacks, Chunky will escape in his car.
⦁    Chase car & kill Chunky.




Van Heist



Joey Mission Three; Van Heist.

The armoured car that does the weekly pay run to the chemical plant looks like it doesn't get a police escort today! It leaves the bank on the corner of <name> and <name> at 4:00pm. Hit it hard and the geriatric part timers they got as security should run. Get it to the warehouse on <name> and some of the guys will be there to crack it.

On screen mission title: 'Van Heist'

(iM1) Masks Ambush

The warehouse is a ramshackle corrugated steel construction. The warehouse doors slide open and the Player drives in. There is a scene of devastation. Numerous overalled bodies lie in pools of blood and <Mask One> is standing there with his hooded goons. A goon approaches the van. The Player kicks the door open, knocking the goon to the floor, and dives out of the van, grabbing the goon's dropped Uzi. The Masks open up with Uzi's (sic) and the Player sprints towards some crates/drums and dives for cover. As the crates/drums get riddled with bullets the Player uses the Uzi to cut an arc in the corrugated wall and he kicks it through.

Cut to alley outside. Claude runs down the alley into the street. End cut.

⦁    Steal armoured bank van doing the weekly wage run. Van is bullet proof so ram it with car until the drivers flee.
⦁    Take van to rendezvous point to get cracked.



Escort Toni Home



(iJ4) When the Player enters the yard Joey and Toni emerge from the garage, Joey approaches but Toni hangs back.

Joey Mission Four; Escort Toni Home.

"sh*t, things are getting hot. Everyone's jumpy with these Masks f*cking everyone over. People shoot first an' don' bother asking questions.
"I been shooting some pool with Toni Fucile here but he needs a ride and I got things to take care of. Drop him off at his place. He's heard good things about you and he's Pa's numero uno, so keep yourself sweet and you'll find yourself with some more work. 

[quieter to the Player] "I'm planning a big job, so don't be afraid to drop by sometime - I could use with a good driver like you on a job like this."

On screen mission title: 'Take Toni Home'

⦁    Drive Toni home and stop at laundrette in Chinatown on the way there. Toni runs out of the shop with the sound of gunfire behind him and jumps back into car.



Dead Skunk in the Trunk


⦁    Pick up car that has dead body in the trunk
⦁    Take car to crusher but Forelli brothers will try and kill player en route.



The Bank Job



(iJ5) The garage is shut, but there's an envelope on the bench.
TEXT: Get a van then go pick up the boys at <location>. Then wait for my pager message.

Joey Mission Five; Daylight Robbery.

Cut: If the playert turns up at <location> in a van, three goons get in.

Once the 'boys' have been picked up;

Pager TEXT:
Drop the boys at <the Bank> then drive around the block. After 45 secs the boys will be back out and needing a quick getaway.

Cut: When Player stops outside <the bank> the three goons run into the bank.
On screen prompt: Counter 45 secs.
The goons re-emerge after 45 secs. After 50 secs the alarm goes off.

Cut: If the Player stops by the 'boys' they'll pile into the van.
Once the 'boys' are back in the van;

Pager TEXT:
Get the boys to the switch and they'll take the second car while you take the van to the crusher.

⦁    Steal vehicle with 4 doors and drive to rendezvous point
⦁    Pick up bank robbers
⦁    Take robbers to the bank and wait until they do the job
⦁    Return robbers to safe house with a police wanted level
⦁    Take the vehicle to crusher to be destroyed




Taking out the Laundry


Toni is switched on by completing Joey Mission Four. (Editor's note hahahaha "Toni is switched on" who's f*ckin old enough to remember Switch Police On?)

(iT1) When the player first drops off Toni at the end of Joey's mission, Toni gets out of the vehicle, as does Claude.

Toni: "C'mon, have a set (sic) at my table."

Claude and Toni sit at Toni's table.

Toni Mission One: Take out the Laundry

"Ok, Ok. So you're pretty good in a tight situation, Ok, I like that. Good, good. And, err, Joey's a good boy, right? Yeah, he's a good boy so I'm willing to give you a break, y'know? I don't HAVE to give you nothing, am I right? I'm right, Ok? OK. So we know where I stand and we know where you stand, am I right? Ok.
"So, err, we got a good family here - you don't think so? You don't think this ain't a great place? Oh you do, - you got respect and that's good 'cuz I f*ck mutherfukkers who gotta no respect!

MOMMA [from kitchen]: "You watch your mouth Toni Fucile. I'm not above teaching you some launguage in front of your friends!"

"OK Momma, it's the coffee, I've had too much coffee. Ok? Ok.
"So, err, we got a wish here, and that wish would be nice if it like, you know, came true - you with me? Ok. Now this wish is about territory, about territory that ain't ours. Some thongs think they don' need protection in case, y'know, something terrible should happen to their laundry business. Now I gotta feeling that, err, something IS going to happen to their laundry business, to their laundry TRUCKS to be precise. Don' ask me how I know, I just got this feeling, y'know? Ok."
On screen mission title: 'Take out the Laundry'

⦁    Laundry in Chinatown has failed to pay protection money
⦁    Take out 3 laundry vans with supplied molotov cocktails



The Pick-Up


(iT2) The Player approaches the restaurant but Toni's not there. Claude sits at the table and picks up the menu.

Toni Mission Two: Thong Ambush.

The Laundry wants to pay protection - you did real good. Go and pick up the cash but watch your back. If it's a trap then it means the Thongs want war, so get out of there alive and high tail it back here.

⦁    Go and pick up protection money that laundry has decided to start paying again
⦁    This is a trap and the Triads trap the player in an alley.
⦁    Escape the Triads.

MOMMA: My little soldier is running an errand for me. He left a note on the table.

TONI NOTE: The laundry have agreed to pay - you did real good! Get down there, collect the cash, and bring it back here. But watch your back. Word will have reached the triads and they won't be happy. They might try to stirfry your ass.


Salvatores called a meeting



(iT3) The restaurant is closed.
After visiting the closed restaurant twice;

Toni Mission Three: Frankie & Maria.

Pager TEXT:
We're going to war with the Thongs. Frankie's called a meeting tonight and he wants to meet you. Get over there and pick him and Maria up.

⦁    Pick up Frankie's limo from Joey's garage
⦁    Collect Joey, Luigi and Toni and take them to Frankie's place
⦁    Limo is ambushed by Triads on the way

MOMMA: Toni's popped out to get some pile cream. He left a note on his table!

TONI NOTE: We're going to war with the Triads. Don Salvatore is calling a meeting tonight. Get over to Joey's an' collect him and the Don's Limo. Then go get Luigi from his club. Pick me up last and we'll drive over to Salvatore's club.


Triads & Tribulations



(iT4) The restaurant's open, but Toni's table is empty. Claude sits at the table and reads the menu.

Toni Mission Four: Thongs for the Memory.

TEXT: We're at WAR! The Thongs have their operations based at some fish factory south of China Town. Frankie wants the factory their trucks, their fish market, and any fishy thong mutherf*cker wasted, ok? He wants it to be raining fish - we're talking biblical here, am I right? I'm right.



⦁    Trash the Triads fish market in Chinatown then:
⦁    Kill twenty Triad gang members wandering around Chinatown


MOMMA: Toni's tummy ain't too good today. He left a note for you in the menu on his table.

TONI NOTE: We're at WAR! The Triads use a fish business as their front. Most of their business goes down at the fish market in Chinatown. The laundry still owes us twenty big ones in protection, so I say we exact a fitting punishment. Take some of the boys over, wreck the market, and kill twenty of those Triad Motherf*ckers!







Pulp Friction



(iF1) [The Player triggers the cut scene when he arrives outside Frankie's whilest on Toni's third mission.]

There are alread some mob cars sat (sic) outside Frankie's place. These are for the other mobsters in his entourage. Frankie's entourage exists his place, a couple of goons first who spread out up and down the street. The Player gets out of the car as Frankie approaches.

Frankie: "So this is the Claude I've been hearing so much about! It's a blessing to the Family to have such a skilled individual working for them. I see good things for you my boy, good things.
"I'll need a ride to Luigi's and Maria, if she ever gets her big butt down here, needs a chaperone for the night. Why do broads take so long getting dolled up? It's one of life's great mysteries I'm sure.
"Dumb broad does this every time and then she wonders why I have to teach her some respect. You can train a dog but you can't train no bitch, heh? Ha! Get it? You can't train no f*ckin' bitch!"

[Maria exits Frankie's place]

Frankie: "So here she is: The Queen of Mutherfukkin' Sheba! One minute longer and you'd have been pushing me, d'ya hear?"

Maria: "So sue me you dumb ape."

Frankie: "Oh-ho! She got fire Claude, huh? She got fire." [He slaps her ass real hard] "Get in that car and keep your big mouth shut." [They both enter the Player's car.] "Take me to Luigi's."

Frankie Mission One: Pulp Friction

[When Frankie has been successfully dropped at Luigi's;]

Frankie: "You take care of Maria now, y'hear. Watch that dumb broad, she can be trouble. You hear me Maria? Don't get this young man in no trouble!"

[Frankie and goons enter Luigi's]

Maria: "Ok, Claude, let's see if a charming young man like yourself can bring me one night's respite from the hellish life of Maria Leone. Let's hit The Crazy Camel and do some wild, free sh*t!"

[This point needs some more discussion I think - JW] 

⦁    Frankie wants to discuss war with his lieutenants so he wants Maria, his woman, out of the house.
⦁    Drive Maria to a dealer to get her party gear
⦁    Take her to illegal warehouse party (sic) and wait for her
⦁    Police arrive while waiting
⦁    Escape from police with Maria and lose wanted level



Cutting the Grass



NB: Frankie is never available as a mission contact. He approaches the Player when he needs a job done.

Pager TEXT:
We got a grass in the organisation (sic). We think it was Curly Bob that handed the van heist to the Masks. When you're outside Luigi's he'll send Bob out on an errand. Follow him and see if he can lead you back to the Masks hideout. When he's finished, grab him and bring him back to Luigi's place where we'll squeeze him for info.

On screen mission title: 'Cutting the Grass'.

⦁    Follow Curly Bob, a suspected traitor.
⦁    Curly Bob walks then gets into a taxi (can drive taxi or follow) and meets with Columbians (baddies) at their Drug factory on a boat
⦁    Kill Curly Bob



Bomb da Base: Cash Wall \ Buy explosives



NB; The pager message with close 8-Ball's bomb shop.

Frankie Mission Three: Bomb da Base (a)

Pager TEXT: Get to the payphone on <street>.

Cut of Claude on phone.

Dialogue, Frankie:
"My boys are gonna hit these Mask bastards on the streets while you take out their poison factory.
"8-Ball sez he'll need a big bang to take out that boat. He needs $ x,000 to get the right kit together. When you've got the cash, go pick up 8-Ball and blow those bastards to hell!"

⦁    Salvatore wants Columbians (sic) drug factory destroyed.
⦁    Collect $xxxxx to purchase enough explosives to blow up Columbian drug factory



Bomb da Base



(iF3) [When the Player has $ x,000 he can trigger a cut scene outside 8-Ball's garage.]
[If not enough cash then; On screen prompt; Pick up 8-Ball when you have $ x,000.]

Frankie Mission Three: Bomb da Base (b)

(iF3 - cont.) [8-Ball walks out of his bomb shop. If the player is in car, he gets in (in-game code)]

8-Ball: "I can set this baby up [he indicates a large suitcase] but I still can't handle a piece. You're gonna have to clear a way in, so I can do my thing."


(iM2) When the last Mask is killed, 8-Ball runs onto the ship, kneels by a funnel-thang-wotsit, fiddles about, then throws the case down the funnel-thang-wotsit.

Cut to Claude and 8-Ball running down the quay towards the camera. There is a dull, deep 'whoomp' noise, then secondary explosions rip through the hull, cluminating in a final blast that destroys the upper super structure in a huge fireball, breaking the ships (sic) back.

⦁    Use explosives supplied by 8-Ball but these will cost $xxxxx
⦁    Protect 8-Ball while he sets explosive (sic) on boat using the sniper rifle. Take out all the guards within time limit.



Last Requests (A setup)


Frankie Mission Four: AWOL Moll

Pager TEXT:
Get to the phone on <street>.

(iF4) Cut of Claude on phone.

Dialogue, Frankie:
"That dumb bitch wife of mine has gone AWOL. Packed her bags and runaway like a thief in the night. Well no one, NO ONE, leaves Frankie and keeps their face. Do hear me (sic), NO ONE!
"Get out there and find the stupid broad."

Pager TEXT:
Claude? It's me, Maria. I can't explain everything but you've got to meet me at <location> in the Commercial District. Please hurry!

Commercial Fly-by
(iC1) After Maria has contacted the Player (in-game text) the Player is driving to the newly opened Commercial District.
Once in the Commercial District a cut scene will be triggered.

Because the Player can use different routes into the Commercial District, this scene should be a generic intro to this second level. Go crazy.

⦁    Steal specific parked car
⦁    Player is told on way to job by Maria that it is a trap and she asks to meet player
⦁    Meet Maria & progress to commercial
If player has not completed all Toni missions, he will be sent back with the following text:
SALVATORE: I'm proud of you my boy, you kicked the sh*t out of those f*cking sliemballs. Just one little job I got for ya before we can all celebrate. There's a car around the block from Luigi's. It's covered in prints. Take it to the crusher before the cops find it.
MARIA PAGER: Hi, it's Maria. You've been sent into a trap! Meet me at the jetty near Liberty Bridge.
MARIA: Salvatore was offering you to the Cartel to make a pact. I couldn't let him do it. You're a marked man on Mafia turf and I've decided it's time to make a run from that ugly bastard. This is Asuka. She's a friend we can stay with for a while.
ASUKA: C'mon. We better get out of here before Salvatore realises he's lost BOTH of you.


Low rider race


⦁    Race to see who is the man
⦁    Start at top of bridge and race round industrial map
⦁    Player must get ti finish line before three Hispanic rivals


Drive by/Uzee Lu...


⦁    Give two Forelli restaurants a bad name by gunning down their customers
⦁    Player is given a UZI (sic) and fast car
⦁    Perform drive by quickly and escape quickly

Fried Ice Cream


⦁    Steal a Forelli Ice Cream Van and rig it with explosives
⦁    Take van to busy pedestrian area and use jingle to attract customers
⦁    When surrounded by customers set the explosives timer and run


Donky (sic) porn shipment


⦁    El Burro brags about his porn business, Big 'n' Veiny Productions
⦁    Indicating one of his delivery vans pulling away with a full load, he notices that the van is dropping huge bundles of Donkey Porn
⦁    Chase the van and collect bundles of porn


Burn them, Burn them all!


⦁    Some Triads thought it would be funny to tie up El Burro's pet donkey and set light to it.
⦁    Use flame thrower to take out Triads


Farewell Salvatore


⦁    Salvatore will be leaving Luigi's Club in 5 hours
⦁    The player will have to kill him before he arrives at his mansion.
⦁    He will come out of the club with a very large Mafia escort. (3 cars full and 5 extra goons)
⦁    If the player is spotted before Salvatore leaves the club, mission failed.
⦁    Designed in such a way that the player can use whatever method he wants to kill Salvatore - stealth, chase, gunfight, ambush.


Sniper Surveillance


⦁    There are five FBI agents watching contact points around the city.
⦁    They will be positioned on the top of buildings.
⦁    The player must drive to an FBI agent, jump out of his car and shoot him with the sniper rifle, then jump back into his car and on to the next one.
⦁    This will be within a strict time limit, and when they player has hit the third agent the FBI will be after him


(EDITOR'S NOTE - The video mentions "Payday for Ray" being the exact same in the GDD as it is in the final so they skipped over it)


Kill Two faced Tanner


⦁    Tanner is in a locked car. (an Eldorado)
⦁    The player must chase and ram/shoot Tanner's car.
⦁    As soon as Tanner knows he is being attacked he will call for back up (sic) giving the player an instant police rating of 4.


(EDITOR'S NOTE - The video mentions "Kanbu Bust-out" being the exact same in the GDD as it is in the final so they skipped over it)


Gone in 60 Seconds


⦁    Steal specific cars that are parked or wandering the city in a time limit
⦁    The player must take the cars to the warehouse in a time limit undamaged


Deal Steal


⦁    The player must kill the Yardies that will be going to the deal.
⦁    Take their car and pick up a load of Yakuza gang members.
⦁    Go to the deal. When the player arrives there will be Columbians' (sic) milling around outside their cars and a couple of cars.
⦁    Everybody will pile out of the car and kill the Columbians' (sic).
⦁    At this point one of the Columbains' (sic) cars will speed off. The player, once he has finished killing the remaining Columbians' (sic) must chase them and kill them as well.




⦁    Pick up protection money around the city.
⦁    When the player arrives at the last pickup he finds the small business trashed by Hispanics.
⦁    They left a calling card in the form of their 'tag' sprayed over the frontage.
⦁    The player must work out that the tag relates to the Hispanics and go to industrial to find it.
⦁    Then he must kill the Hispanics involved and reclaim the money.


Save the Old Japanese Gentleman


⦁    Steal a Colombian gang car.
⦁    Drive into the Colombian compound.
⦁    Fight your way through the Colombian's to the OJG and rescue him.


Silent Witness


⦁    There was a witness to the hit on Frankie, kill him.
⦁    Go to the witness protection house and flush him out by throwing a molotov/grenade through the window.
⦁    The witness and some police escorts run out and leg it in a car, chase them and kill them.


Arms Protection


⦁    Ray has a friend who deals in arms and has heard that the Colombians' (sic) are getting some arms (without paying).
⦁    The player will need to go there and protect the dealer.
⦁    The player will have access to the arm dealer's full inventory with which to do it with in the form of a weapons rack.


Evidence dash


⦁    The Internal Affairs are aware of Ray's activities, but are unable to get any evidence until now. They have just raided one of Ray's old haunts and are leaving with the evidence. The player must chase them down and ram them with his car, when their vehicle is rammed one of the packages will roll off the back. The player must grab that first and then go get the next package off them. There will be 8 packages to retrieve. Once the player has the stash he must get it back to his hideout.


(EDITOR'S NOTE - The video mentions "Gone Fishing" and "Plaster Blaster" being the exact same in the GDD as it is in the final so they skipped over it)

A Drop in the Ocean


⦁    The Player must pick up several packages containing forging plates that will be dropped from a Cessna into the bay that night.
⦁    The player will use a boat to collect them.
⦁    It is a decoy (the player does not know this at the time) so the police are aware of them. As soon as the player has picked up the first package the police chopper will be on him.
⦁    Once the player has collected them all he must get them back to land and to his hideout in a car with the ensuing police chase.


Getting into the Airport


⦁    The real packages are still in the fuselage of the Cessna, which is being stripped by customs officials at the airport.
⦁    The player will have to get into the airport by paying a very large cash bribe to the security and/or customs.
⦁    For this mission the player must raise the <$ xx,000> cash required by any means possible.

Drug Rush


⦁    Get the stuff to freelance pushers before rivals do.


Gang Cars


⦁    The Yardies like cars, especially harder to get cars. And they like them quick!
⦁    The player must get a Mafia gang car, a Triad gang car, and a Hispanic gang car within a time limit.


Suicide Bombers


⦁    The Colombians have found out that their new allies (Yardies) have been employing their enemy (the player).
⦁    So they have set up a trap for the player.
⦁    They have rigged up some psychos that are high on rapture, with explosives.
⦁    The player must go and steal a car for Muff Daddy (working name).
⦁    As soon as the player gets into the car the psychos will run at him and try and detonate.
⦁    The player must kill them all and/or escape while avoiding the flying body parts.


RC Assassin


⦁    The player must destroy three armoured police vans.
⦁    The vans are heavily armoured but have weaker armour on the underside.
⦁    The player must use RC cars that are loaded with explosives to take them out.


Rigged to Blow


⦁    Dr 'G's (hoods gang head) favorite car has been rigged with explosives.
⦁    The player must get the car and take it to 8Ball's bomb shop to get it disarmed before the fuse runs out.
⦁    Then the player must get it back to Dr 'G' undamaged.


Bullion Run


⦁    Hoods like their gold!
⦁    Some of their operatives tried to attack a van carrying bullion to the bank, but police killed them.
⦁    Now the damaged van is careening around the city dropping gold.
⦁    The player must chase the van and grab the gold. The more gold the player picks up the heavier his car will get (making it harder to drive).
⦁    The player must balance, picking up more gold or dropping off the gold he has and losing time.


Baseball bats at dawn


⦁    There is a regular organised rumble between the Zeros and the Hoods.
⦁    Contenders are only allowed to fight with baseball bats or fists. Any other weapons used will result in the fight being suspended and the instigator being attacked by both gangs.
⦁    The hoods would find it an honour if the player will join in with the rumble, and also drive everyone there.


Grand Theft Aero


⦁    When the player arrives at the airport and the Cessna he will see two Palantic Construction vans speed away.
⦁    As he gets close to the hangar that holds the Cessna some Colombians will come out of the hangar to get into the third Palantic Construction van, but seeing the player they will attack.
⦁    After the player has killed them, he will go into the hangar to find out that the plates are not there. The player must head over to the construction site.
⦁    The player must use a heavy vehicle to break down the fence to get into the construction yard.
⦁    The player will have to fight his way through the Colombians to Catalina & Miguel and the plates.


One of the gang


⦁    Toshiro will contact the Player and tell him to pick him up and drive to the Casino for a party celebrating the completion of the counterfeiting operation.
⦁    Toshiro will be at an illegal fight at an underground car park where the player will get the opportunity to bet on a fighter.
⦁    When they arrive at the casino garden, the party will be attacked from another rooftop. A sniper will kill Toshiro and the player will have to grab a rifle and pick off the sniper.


Smack Down


⦁    Kenji wants you to hid the Yardies pushing Rapture for the Cartel. They're dotted about Liberty dealing in gangs or from vehicles.
⦁    The player must race around the city splattering and killing all the dealers within a time limit.
⦁    Occasionally they may have a 'backup vehicle' that will give chase and make the mission harder.


Boss Meat


⦁    The Yardie posse lords are meeting a Cartel representative at a derelict factory.
⦁    The Player must find a way onto the roof and throw molotov cocktails into their midst.
⦁    Then he must mop-up any survivors.




⦁    The Cartel is hitting Yakuza businesses (Sushi restaurants?). The player will have to patrol Yakuza territory, rushing to aid any businesses that pages him.


Escort Service


⦁    The first batch of counterfeit cash is ready for transport to the casino for laundering.
⦁    One of the counterfeiters has gone missing and Kenji fears he may have been kidnapped and tortured or just turned for cash.
⦁    Either way he fears the cash may get ambushed.
⦁    The player must escort the van with the cash from the counterfeiting set-up to the casino.
⦁    The van will be attacked en-route by the Cartel, the player must fight off any attackers and protect the van at all costs.


Swat the S.W.A.T.


⦁    Ray has tipped off Kenji that the Liberty PD are going to mount a raid on the Yakuza's counterfeiting operation.
⦁    Three S.W.A.T. vans are going to approach the hideout from different directions to trap any escaping cash, equipment or Yakuza.
⦁    The Player must help them to escape by taking out the S.W.A.T. teams by any means possible.


Kenji's Dead


⦁    Player reaches contact point to find Kenji is nearly dead. Kenji tells player that Maria has been kidnapped.




⦁    Miguel has revealed the extent to which the Yardie factions are selling Rapture for the Cartel.
⦁    Asuka suggests that they set up a kill zone and that someone lures the Yardies there.
⦁    The Player will be the bait. The horn button becomes an insult button? The Yardies give chase in their gang cars.
⦁    Timed mission - bonus cash for each Yardie killed.
⦁    When the gang cars arrive at the kill zone there will be Yakuza gang members waiting with bazookas.


(EDITOR'S NOTE - The video mentions "Espresso-to-go" being the exact same in the GDD as it is in the final so they skipped over it)


Coffee Co.


⦁    Miguel reveals that the Cartel is using a coffee company to import cocaine. The Player must sneak in to open a door and let in the yakuza - big gun battle etc.


Plane Sailing


⦁    Miguel reveals that on the nth of every month a fresh shipment of cocaine is flown into the freight terminal at Francis International.
⦁    The Player must get a boat out to a runway light pontoon.
⦁    Shoot down the aircraft.
⦁    Collect the crates from the debris and stash them in an old dockside warehouse.


Emergency Services


⦁    The Cartel is flying in reinforcements.
⦁    After the hit on the Cocaine shipment, security at the airport has been stepped up, making it impossible for the player to bribe his way in.
⦁    The player must steal a fire engine, gather some goons (dressed as firemen) and drive to the airport.
⦁    Throwing a molotov over the fence onto some debris sets off the airstrip fire alarm and then they can drive through the gates, meet the plane and massacre the Colombians as they get off the plane.


Asuka's Dead


⦁    Player finds Asuka and other all dead.


Marked Man


⦁    The CIA is making money from Cartel deals and is concerned that the Yakuza are hindering the operation. They've discovered that Ray is helping them and they've decided to 'rub him out'. 
⦁    Ray is running scared and needs a ride to the airport. (His contact point is empty, but the player will get a pager message asking him to meet Ray). The player is followed by the CIA.
⦁    Ray is dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and has two cases packed. He's booked on a flight (timed mission).
⦁    The CIA give chase (Black ops helicopter?).
⦁    Ray will give the player a large cash reward for this mission.

Cash for Maria


⦁    The player must raise <$ xx,000> for Catalina to replace the drugs that the player stole in Asuka mission 10, or Maria will die.




⦁    When the player arrives at the Colombian Mansion they will frisk him and strip him of weapons.
⦁    Then he is taken before Catalina, who orders him dead then leaves, taking Maria with her as hostage.
⦁    The player sows some seeds of doubt in the remaining Colombian goons regarding Catalina motives and in the confusion the player must fight his way free grabbing as much fire power as he can on the way.


Catalina's Escape


⦁    Once the player has escaped the mansion he must chase Catalina to the dam where her helicopter is waiting.
⦁    The player must fight his way through goons to Catalina.
⦁    Once the goons are dead and Catalian is injured a cut scene starts where the player will have the choice to execute Catalina or leave her for the police.
⦁    Alternate endings!


Possible Missions


Deliver goods
Collect goods
Kill people for money
Steal certain cars or boats for money
Knock out power plant...start riot
Become taxi driver, bus driver, chauffeur, ambulance driver
Rob banks
Deliver Pizzas
Recover a body from the rubbish dump...a limb at a time...
Getaway driver
Take cars to the scrap yard for cash
Security guard
Chase in raod tunnel
KIdnap a baddie and take him out of town and shoot him
Steal secrets from chemical plant/lab
Kidnap scientist
Destroy drugs ring
Stop a plane taking off...
Chase and destroy plane dodging in and out of moving jets
Kill a particular gang member
Kill a witness coming in off a plane with the FBI
Pick your mum up from the hospital (see you're a nice boy really)
Car chase along outskirts of town-freeway and Cliffside road
Break into military base
Drive bys to earn respect
Race on dirt tacks out of town
Kidnap rich guys daughter
River chase...jumps
Jump over bent bridge...James Bond style
Kill gang members playing basketball
Deliver a music demo to a radio station. Hear it on the radio when complete.
Rob a bank
Hijack an armoured car - you know the time of day it always arrives - plan it (ref.; HEAT)
Wheel and deal...get a friend into power-mayor
Steal limo from showroom and get it home...
Use a funeral to lure gang members together then kill them all






Multiple languages are required for GTA3 and are defined below.
⦁    English
⦁    French
⦁    German
⦁    Italian
⦁    Spanish
⦁    Japanese
⦁    Portugese?


In Car Entertainment

In car entertainment provides the music for Grand Theft Auto 3. It sounds just like real FM radio with music, jingles and news. Within the city there are six radio stations, each with their own music style and DJ's [...] 

[...] Cars will all be tuned to different radio stations - find a pick-up truck and it will be tuned to a Country & Western? station, get a sports car and it will be tuned to a station playing techno. [...]



Within Grand Theft Auto will exist approx. 32 tunes. These will be spread over eight radio stations,  giving each station a loop time of sixteen minutes (including jingles etc).

We will not give the player all eight stations at once but will reward them with new ones as the game progresses. In level one the player will have five stations to choose from, next level will open another two stations - giving seven in total. The final level will add another station giving all eight to the player.



The inventory is carried by the player and is visible on the HUD. It contains weapons and any other pickups the player might have. This inventory is saved when the player saves game state.

Claude gains health when:


⦁    A health bonus is collected
⦁    He has been to hospital
⦁    He has visited a chemist



[...] When a cutscene takes place the HUD will fade out to complete translucency. It may be a nice idea to give the player two or three selectable HUD styles. [...]



Cash can be used to buy weapons, special cars and health and it is also needed to progress in the game. [...]

Wanted Level 1: COPS


Cops reckon they can handle criminals with this wanted level themselves. These levels come about by stealing cars or brandishing a gun. Cops at this point will not use firearms and simply attempt an arrest.


Wanted Level 2: COPS

The amount of cops will increase and they will now use firearms to aid with your arrest.

Wanted Level 3: SWAT Team

When the crimes you commit become too hot for the cops to handle and the wanted level becomes four (sic) the Special Weapons and Tactics unit will be called in. They arrive in an armoured vehicle and will attempt to stop your car before they get out and attack. Killing cops, paramedics or firemen will increase your wanted level to four. SWAT teams don't mess about - They will use machine guns to take you out. SWAT teams also have an Air Support Unit consisting of helicopters equipped with mini-guns and searchlight. These ASU's will follow you, highlighting your position to the SWAT team.

Wanted Level 4: FBI

If the SWAT team fails to take Claude down, FBI agents will be called in. Boasting silenced Uzi's and body armour, these guys are difficult to evade. They arrive in unmarked cars dressed in sharp suits and shades. Similar to the SWAT teams, they also have a (sic) ASU.

Wanted Level 5: The Army

No chance. When these guys are called in, there's no escaping. The army have all the toys - Tanks, jeeps, APC's and rocket launchers. The jeeps are speedy, capable of keeping up with most other vehicles. The tanks fire power is devastating, easily taking you out with one shot.


Many actions by pedestrians can be classed as crimes. If they are seen committing these crimes then the cops will want them. Possible crimes are listed below:
⦁    Running over pedestrians
⦁    Running red lights
⦁    Speeding
⦁    Crashing into cars or objects
⦁    Shooting pedestrians
⦁    Stealing cars
⦁    In possession of gun
⦁    Escape cops in car

Chasing - On Foot

The cops only chase wanted pedestrians that are within range. Cops will run towards the wanted pedestrian until close then arrest him. If the pedestrian is violent the cops will shoot or use their whacker. If the pedestrian manages to loose (sic) the cops, the wanted level will drop. This happens if the pedestrian is out of the cops sight for more than thirty seconds.

Chasing - In Cars

If wanted pedestrians are sighted by cop cars then they will be chased. Cops will try to outrun the pedestrian and head them off. If the cops come within 200m and the chased car has stopped, the cops will exit their car and chase on foot. If the pedestrian then drives off again then the cops will re-enter their car. if at this point their car has been stolen/wrecked then they will walk back to police HQ. If the pedestrian is out of sight of the cops for over thirty seconds then the wanted level will drop.


Pedestrians loose (sic) health when shot, run down or punched etc. When their health has gone they die, this involves triggering a dying animation liked (sic) to the death type. Dead pedestrians must disappear either by a simple fade or by collection in an ambulance. If we have any problems with censors then pedestrians will 'get up' after a small pause. Once dead, any cash the pedestrian was carrying becomes Claude's.

Ped Injury

[...] While a pedestrian is uninjured, he/she will behave as normal and be able to perform the full range of pedestrian actions. Once  apedestrian is injured, however, they will be restricted to a single 'injured ped' animation (chosen from a list depending on the type and severity of the injury) and will no longer be able to perform any other actions. [...]

[...] Injury types will include things like broken arm (ped walks with arm hanging limp), broken leg (ped stumbles along slowly dragging leg behind them), serious injury (ped lies on ground and crawls along very slowly) and one or two others. [...]


Grasses are a special type of pedestrian that enjoy notifying police of criminal activity. If a grass spots Claude acting illegally then they will run off to the nearest phone-box shouding 'Police, Police' and inform the police of his wrongdoings. If, for some reason, the grass doesn't make it to the telephone then Claude will get off scot-free.

ATM Machines

ATM Machines will be dotted round the map. Pedestrians may stop at them and withdraw money.



Within the game, we simulate the passing of night and day. Time itself will be speeded up with a real 24hrs lasting only 1/2 an hour. [...]

[...] There is a noticeable difference in pedestrian ratios between ngiht and day. During the day most pedestrians are clean and wear suits, at night the ruff gang pedestrians are seen.

Changing from day to night can be used to add great gameplay elements. The player must wait for a particular time to perform a mission, don't try to escape from the centre of the city during rush hour as the streets are busy, don't enter that part of the city at night etc.



Multi-player games within GTA 3 can be played over a network, the Internet, on linked machines, or in split screen mode on one console.

There are various game types in multiplayer mode.



Stuff still to add

Advertising - cinema trailers
Business - give player feeling of a real corrupt city where corporations rule
Animation - exaggerate
Cash for crime
Define crimes
Save Game - expand
Define people types - muggers, robbers, car-jackers, Yakuza
Talking looking
Define vehicles & possible v weapons
Vehicle enhancement shops
Character list - renders and some text
Trains - how they work
Ideas from wall



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Anywhere USA

Emergency Services is probably the 'one mission' cut post 9/11, it just fits in my opinion.


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14 minutes ago, Anywhere USA said:



Oh sh*t that's true. I legit forgot about Curtly until you mentioned him.


15 minutes ago, Anywhere USA said:



Donald Love was nowhere to be mentioned in the doc as far as we know so I doubt they would've added Barry in before they added in Love. I still feel like they just added Barry in just for the sole purpose of fleshing out Love's character within the game lore but what can ya do


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Anywhere USA
4 minutes ago, universetwisters said:


Oh sh*t that's true. I legit forgot about Curtly until you mentioned him.



Donald Love was nowhere to be mentioned in the doc as far as we know so I doubt they would've added Barry in before they added in Love. I still feel like they just added Barry in just for the sole purpose of fleshing out Love's character within the game lore but what can ya do

Curtly had a VA like Darkel, but the community was never really interested in him the same. I thought for a while he was the star of the one cut mission, but that doesn't seem likely anymore.

I'm honestly starting to believe the theory he's D-Ice's brother and they just never gave the name.


The GDD also showed that Rockstar can't be completely trusted, they will lie and they will remember things wrong. I Scream You Scream was ALWAYS an El Burro mission it seems(so the theory that and Trial by Fire were the 'two' remaining Darkel missions is debunked) and the interviewers were wrong about him having a regular mission strand. He was supposed to give Rampages and was cut. That's probably why the rampage icon in 3 moves between two locations every time you fail, something no other game has.


Rockstar insisted SO MANY TIMES that Claude was never intended to talk(even claiming the February Footage from 2001 was faked even though it was real and the voice clip was from GTA 2 like a ton of SFX in the Early Beta) and that was bunk.

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Anywhere USA
23 minutes ago, universetwisters said:


Oh sh*t that's true. I legit forgot about Curtly until you mentioned him.



Donald Love was nowhere to be mentioned in the doc as far as we know so I doubt they would've added Barry in before they added in Love. I still feel like they just added Barry in just for the sole purpose of fleshing out Love's character within the game lore but what can ya do

What were your legitimate thoughts on some of this stuff FYI? I know you'd never seen the video before so some of the info must have been exciting. Did you find what you wanted about Zaibatsu?

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wow, a much extended version of the intro, 2 scrapped characters named "muscles" and "toshiro", claude saying a word, and the silencer was planned?! interesting, muscles would've been better then micky.

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1 hour ago, Anywhere USA said:

What were your legitimate thoughts on some of this stuff FYI? I know you'd never seen the video before so some of the info must have been exciting. Did you find what you wanted about Zaibatsu?

I've seen the video, it's just hard to retain information when it's not presented in written form imho. The only thing they said about the Zaibatsu was that they were gonna have their own buildings and neighborhoods in Shoreside Vale and tbh it just seemed like they were gonna be background objects since they don't have any relevance in missions.


10 minutes ago, Caps king said:

interesting, muscles would've been better then micky.


Idk how since they both seem to fill the same exact role other than Muscles being inhumanly large


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but still this is cool, but this from 2021, if a mod like this happens, i am playing it right away, and what!? the f word was supposed to be heard by a character, but that did not happen until gta sa, and there is 5 stars planned!? that also did not happen until gta v, and there is a alternate universe where all of these scrapped stuff in the design doc are in the game,

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On 7/25/2023 at 9:54 PM, Caps king said:

 and there is a alternate universe where all of these scrapped stuff in the design doc are in the game,


Honestly I much prefer what we got ingame than anything in the doc. But then again, the doc's story is more Claude going from the mob to the yakuza than going from the mob to the yakuza and then all over the place. 


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Anywhere USA

The story actually gives me LCS vibes with how tight and concise it is.


The first leg of it in Portland is pretty much unchanged except for one extra mission,  but the latter part has changed a bit 

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1 hour ago, Anywhere USA said:

The story actually gives me LCS vibes with how tight and concise it is.


The first leg of it in Portland is pretty much unchanged except for one extra mission,  but the latter part has changed a bit 


It also probably helps that the Portland section is the most documented tbh


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On 7/25/2023 at 10:28 PM, Anywhere USA said:

Emergency Services is probably the 'one mission' cut post 9/11, it just fits in my opinion.


It's so odd since the only mention we have of Curtly are the credits. Not a single pre-release article mentions him nor does the document. Whoever he was, he was added (and cut) quite late and probably had a very small role within the game's narrative...

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Anywhere USA
4 hours ago, girlsonfilm said:

It's so odd since the only mention we have of Curtly are the credits. Not a single pre-release article mentions him nor does the document. Whoever he was, he was added (and cut) quite late and probably had a very small role within the game's narrative...

I swear to god if he turns out to be D-Ice's brother...

On the matter of Barry Harcross, the article about him mentions-

.He had charges pressed against him in 1997 and left Liberty City.

.He was laundering money through a 'construction company' for the 'mafia', was importing drugs through his Colombian Office, and fled to South America during the 4 year investigation.

.He bought out the cities largest newspaper and online service after returning.

.His return prompted his old rival Donald Love to return a month later in March 2001


The construction company is probably Pan-Lantic. So it's possible he was intended at some point to be involved with the Cartel, sort of being their equivalent to how Donald Love works with the Yakuza indirectly for a time.

Given how Donald Love didn't exist circa December 2000(Toshiro having most of his role) it's possible when they scrapped the Toshiro Arc and fragmented the latter half of the story Barry Harcross was an idea they tossed around for a bit to involve Donald Love with the Cartel war that ended up not working out.

Edited by Anywhere USA
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17 hours ago, girlsonfilm said:

It's so odd since the only mention we have of Curtly are the credits. Not a single pre-release article mentions him nor does the document. Whoever he was, he was added (and cut) quite late and probably had a very small role within the game's narrative...

I feel like Curtly was prob added at a later time when Donald Love was relevant (note the GDD don’t mention Donald love at all). Don’t forget the doc is dated from right near the new year to 2001


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  • 2 weeks later...
Anywhere USA

The University Science Area is a weird location. The evidence seems to suggest it WASN’T cut, just sort of neglected and never fleshed out.


The mid Beta map of Staunton with all the Xs and coloured areas made AFTER the island was shrunk down and most of the excess areas were cut(the only exceptions being the enlarged port which was cut a bit later and the South-West peninsula which was cut right before release) still has the University Science Area listed and marked off. (Though I can’t tell which it is)


In the final game, the northern area does spawn a Molotov Cocktail and Armor pickup. So I guess that’s the ‘weapons area’ mentioned and that’s the USA(oh I just got the joke ha)? Maybe 

(Also, something I just noticed. That one specific map variation is missing Belleville Park. It was present on the older larger Staunton map further North-East, with (I think hi-rise’s?) in it’s modern location. In the intermediate map, the old Belleville location was gone, but the current one was still filled by the buildings from before)

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I wish there was a mod for this to play the game with all this in it story darkel toshiro zaibatsu etc 

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On 8/10/2023 at 12:45 AM, Anywhere USA said:

The University Science Area is a weird location. The evidence seems to suggest it WASN’T cut, just sort of neglected and never fleshed out.

tbh it wouldn’t surprise me if it got repurposed/rewritten as HOPE MEDICAL COLLEGE in Shoreside Vale


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Anywhere USA
9 hours ago, universetwisters said:

tbh it wouldn’t surprise me if it got repurposed/rewritten as HOPE MEDICAL COLLEGE in Shoreside Vale

That’s not a weapon spawn area full of sh*tty cars 

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2 hours ago, Anywhere USA said:

That’s not a weapon spawn area full of sh*tty cars 

every car there is a sh*tty car in my opinion :shillkek:


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Old taxi may have been a prototype version of one of the vehicles that is the cabbie, or it might have been a fully cut unseen car, it would have looked like a old 1970s taxi.

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  • 3 months later...

Just made an account to say, thank you so much for this. I was searching for something like this for a loooong time. I always love to see game design documents and how these older, genre defining games were made. When I saw the video I was sad, but relieved at the same time, that while, yes, they won't share a scanned version of the document (even if it was for a reason such as the one stated), they at least shared a good portion of it in the form of this video. They at least didn't make a video saying "We got this GDD and none of you will be able to see it! EVER!". Unlike the Serious Sam Origins devs. They got the Sam2000 GDD, containing In The Flesh GDD, which is the game that was cancelled to be replaced by Serious Sam, and an early GDD of Serious Sam. The original vision. Where they wanted to do A LOT more levels, more everything, and not have it First & Second Encounter and the cancelled Third Encounter, no, just one game. Now THAT'S annoying to not see. They probably have some contracts that don't allow them to share it, or they just don't want to, but it's still annoying either way. But, I am getting off topic.

Again, thank you.

Edited by KogaClaws
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  • 2 months later...

Could this be transformed into a pdf or something?

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20 minutes ago, Just_A_Modder said:

Could this be transformed into a pdf or something?

Of course. Click

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Like the classic GTA games?          Play The Chain Game!

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17 minutes ago, Stahli said:

Of course. Click

Thanks dude. I'm gonna have a read through it soon.

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  • 2 months later...

This is super fascinating. So sh*tty this guy would not scan this and put it online. I hate when people pull that crap. 

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  • 3 weeks later...
Anywhere USA
On 7/25/2023 at 4:56 PM, universetwisters said:

I've seen the video, it's just hard to retain information when it's not presented in written form imho. The only thing they said about the Zaibatsu was that they were gonna have their own buildings and neighborhoods in Shoreside Vale and tbh it just seemed like they were gonna be background objects since they don't have any relevance in missions.



Idk how since they both seem to fill the same exact role other than Muscles being inhumanly large

It’s also possible that given how many different eras the document covered, the Zaibatsu as an active party were planned earlier, during the first year of development or so(mid 1999-2000). Then they gradually got reduced to more set dressing and flavour, maybe they’d give a couple side missions for the Pharmaceutical side that seemed to take center, and were only completely cut around the start of the beta in Spring 2001. Maybe in the older version of the story around The Masks and Rapture and Morningstar had them in a big role.



The Liberty Pharmaceuticals chain you see two buildings of…I’d bet everything that was originally Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals. Maybe they just couldn’t change the radio in time or missed it.


There’s also Maibatsu, which is effectively the 3D universe equivalent. They lean a lot less into the old Zaibatsu and Akira or Bladerunner esqe Japanese megacorp thing and are moreso just a shady car company(which sort of checks out, one of the 4 Zaibatsu IRL was Mitsubishi, albeit they did a lot more especially back then). They might have been Zaibatsu in the first draft.


GTA 3 is in many ways a hybrid of GTA and 2. I’ve even said before that throwing them in a blender and sticking them in the Driver 2 engine is basically 3

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