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How to get/set fuel level of a vehicle in c++


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I've been in the mods world for a while now and I've always wanted to find an efficient fuel system. Of course there is 'Fuel Script V Mod' which is a really nice project and which I'm using at the moment.


The point is that it occurred to me to create something of my own (adding additional features) and I wanted to write it in c++. The point is, I couldn't find anything on how to get the fuel level of a vehicle using c++.


While in c# it's like eating bread:


private Vehicle car; 
car = Game.Player.Character.CurrentVehicle; 
car.FuelLevel -= 0.05f;


in c++ I have found absolutely nothing, nor searching on the internet, on the docs, I also tried to ask gpt chat as a last resort but I have not found any results.

Does anyone have an idea how to get/change the fuel level in a vehicle in c++ or is it even possible?

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As far as I know - there is no such thing as 'fuel level' in GTA SA. 
car.FuelLevel is just a user-created variable.

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