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No "Picking up Dropped Money"... Is It Possible? [SA Classic]


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Hello Dear Modders 😃


I think the titel should be enough and this time i'm asking you an easy stuff.. (not like f*cking complicated Paramedic calculations 😃).. My request is simple.. I don't want to pickup ANY MONEY STACK from the game (Except Catalina's Small Town Bank Mission). Is there any mod or memory adress for it?


Thanks.. The hot weather is causing celebral hemorrhage.. stay hydrated 🥤 and take a cold shower every day.. 🛀 😎

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If you use MixSets - you can change

TimePickupMoney      = -1       # (30000)  Lifetime for money pickups.


TimePickupMoney      = 1       # (30000)  Lifetime for money pickups.

This way the pickup will disappear very fast. Maybe set it to 0 (needs testing).

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1 hour ago, vladvo said:

If you use MixSets

this is a great idea..yes.. i'm using it..setting it "0" may cause unknown results so i will set it to "1".. thanks man.. 😉 


Ok it's working.. i've also tested for "Small Town Bank" and i didn't have any problem 🙂

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