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error in cleo script mobile


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this mod checks if the player is aiming, if it is, the value will be equal to 1 otherwise it will be equal to 0, but the value is just getting equal to 0 even though the address is right, is there an error in my code?




{$CLEO .csi}
0DD0: 0@ = get_label_addr @_ZN15CTouchInterface10m_pWidgetsE
0DD1: 0@ = get_func_addr_by_cstr_name 0@
0@ += 0x54
0DD8: 0@ = read_mem_addr 0@ size 4 fix_ib 0
0@ += 0x4D


    WAIT 0
    0DD8: 1@ = read_mem_addr 0@ size 1 fix_ib 0 //PlayerAimStatus(BO0L)
    01E4: show_text_1number_lowpriority GXT 'NUMBER' number 1@ time 0 flag 0


    "_ZN15CTouchInterface10m_pWidgetsE" 00



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I replaced "0DD8: 1@ = read_mem_addr 0@ size 1 fix_ib 0" by "0DD9: write_mem_addr 0@ value 77 size 1 add_ib 0 protect 1" and the value was changed correctly, that is, the problem is when reading the value

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