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Reviews of your missions from myself, DuckingHeights, and perhaps more


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I am DuckingHeights, a DYOM designer who makes missions, reviews missions in my free time, and genuinely I enjoy gameplay experiences that are captivating, different and interesting.

Here is my review thread / topic, that being the page you are on now. Here, I will do reviews of peoples missions, either single or as part of a mission pack. With my reviews, I'll aim to highlight the strengths of the mission both big and small, from as big as gameplay features, down to the minor details. I'll also do the same thing with looking at the weaknesses of a mission but instead, I'll be separating the minor and major criticisms into 2 categories, major and moderate weaknesses of a mission into one category, with the minor weaknesses or generally nitpicky things separated into the other.

My format of reviewing this missions is to simply note down any criticisms no matter how big or small, give positive feedback for any major bits or as minor as details in the missions, but also to sympathise and try to understand the DYOM Author's intent behind certain things and also to gain insight towards the development of the mission or mission pack. As with that, the general motivation for me to do those things is for myself to form constructive criticisms, criticisms that are fair to not only the designer but also for myself, for the sake of honesty, fair opportunity in the DYOM space, and for the possibility that the designer may take these feedback into consideration to better improve themselves.

With that out out of the way, heres how the format will work as of right now. I'm new to reviewing missions in a more professional and organised manner in the manner that I'm planning now, but here's how it will work as of right now. 

To give you an example of my reviewing style or at least, my review style before the creation of this topic, please, feel free to head to this thread to see what reviews I made and how I went about reviewing people's missions. 

With that out out of the way, heres how the format will work as of right now. I'm new to reviewing missions in a more professional and organised manner in the manner that I'm planning now, but here's how it will work as of right now. 

  • 1. I'll play a mission and/or mission pack that interests me due to it's notable qualities, whether it's good or it has enjoyable bad stuff in it (basically if it has so bad it's good attributes to it). Doesn't matter if it's a tech demo, comedy mission, walking simulator, if it's fascinating¬†by the things in it that makes it a different mission, I'll play it. Even if it's a homage or a copy, I'll still play it because it has that notable quality of respecting someones work, it gives the mission charm, and also, I'll be curious to see how well you referenced or accurately recreated certain or all elements from what you're paying homage to.
  • 2.¬†Preferably, I want to play a mission with some ambition or a mission that simply is, interesting. If it's like a walking simulator, tech demo, short or long movie, comedy mission, troll mission I'll play it¬†simply because it's basic but. But if you have a reputation where your missions aren't of quality or that your past missions were, a average and mediocre experience, then I may not play it simply to maximise my enjoyment of DYOM missions and to be optimistic towards new experiences, as well as to genuinely, move over to the missions that I believe will most likely be not only enjoyable but also be interesting. Also, if the mission I'm playing is too similar in not only presentation but in a lot of areas to your prior mission, there may be a chance I might not play it because it could perhaps not be that interesting or fresh enough to warrant me playing it.


  • 3.¬†If you wish to see your or perhaps other peoples missions be played by myself, please, feel free to suggest them in this thread. Preferably, state what it's about for me to get an idea on the premise of the mission, and additionally as a way to motivate, encourage and persuade me to play the mission more, speak about it's notable qualities while trying to avoid spoiling the mission (there's nothing more ruining to one's enjoyment to a art piece¬†if somebody spilled too much information about the art piece they're trying to enjoy).


  • 4.¬†And lastly, the structure and the general presentation¬†of reviewing these missions may subject to change, as possibly I will be experimenting with the those 2 things for the aim of improving upon my current format and seeing what might work for me and what might not work for me.

And that is all. Hopefully you may find my review structure captivating and possibly helpful to you, and aside from that, I hope to begin reviewing missions with my format in mind. Remember to read and take in the notes that I said to better increase your chances of me playing your mission, and aside from that, hope everyone takes care.

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Added link to my collection of previous reviews
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Good afternoon! Now that I have read this thread and since I am interested on a review, maybe you could check the first DYOM mission I have ever made: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/74780


Its my first mission so there is not really much I can add and I am very open to criticism at the moment. Its a mission about OG Loc doing a "brain surgery" in a hospital. Its not long but there is a bit of a filler at the end. The cutscenes were carefully made and the gameplay is short enough to not be time-taking. Would be angry if there was any punctuation or ortographic error ūüėÖ


Anyways, I hope for more reviews of other mission as well, good luck!

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