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Question about starting a review topic


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Repost from the DYOM discord but, sending it here for the sake of increasing my chances for my question to be looked at. Anyways:

Weird question but, should I make a topic on GTAForums about me reviewing missions you know waiting for people to suggest me missions to review, have a intro post etc etc. But, should I make a topic if my plan with reviewing missions atm is to review them in text form, and if yes how come? Also, would it be wise posting my previous reviews from prior MOTWs for the sake of not only showing my style of reviewing missions? I'm considering it but I fear it may overwhelm the viewer with too much scrolling.

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If you intend to consistently review projects, you can feel free to make a topic to archive your reviews, I don't see a reason against it. However, ideally you should also leave your review on the topic of the project in question, or leave a link to your review there.

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