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Trying to figure out the exact gang territory's throughout LCS(Again)

Anywhere USA

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7 minutes ago, Anywhere USA said:

I picked 1999 because the GTA III website says there’s been internal conflict for ‘two years.


As for the other thing, in LCS the Hoods only ever wear Red garb, so the Purple Nines seemingly aren’t in the picture yet. 

I mean, it actually says "for the past two OR three years", to be more precise ;) So again, I wouldn't mark 1999 myself.  


When it comes to the latter, I think it's pretty open for intepretations 😅

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I’ve got to do a 100% run of VCS on PSP for multiplayer stuff, so while doing that I’ll also get some info on that.


Alongside the 4 gangs in the Empire Building game(Vice City Bikers, Sharks, Cholos, and Trailer Park Mafia turned Vance Crime Empire), there’s also the Mendez-Martinez Operation(which initially includes PhilI Cassidy as a junior partner), the Diaz cartel…and I THINK Gonzalez-Cortez’s operation? Oh and the Cubans and their big balls 

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