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K-Jah, is it me, or...


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Is it me or K-Jah is, by far, the worst radio station in the game?


I recently tried to give it a chance, since it is not uncommon that some radio stations in other GTAs that I used to dislike, end up being one of my favorites as my musical taste and appreciation evolve over time, but that simply didn't happen with K-Jah. I simply hear some "zero zero zero zero" and it gives me the impression of being some low-budget cheap-license reggae station. For some reason it reminds me of Vladivostok after the 2018 update (in terms of quality and care for artistic fit). 


And, maybe I know nothing about that musical genre, but, just for the record, I tend to love all the reggae stations across all GTAs. 


Blue Ark in V and Ramjam in EFLC aren't my predilects, but I enjoy them. K-Jah West in SA was great. Tuff Gong and Massive in IV are fabulous. Tick Lah in CW is awesome.


And K-Jah in III is probably my favorite station, which it's a lot of saying since I think every other station in III is superb. (Rise and MSX are simply magnificent, Head and Lips are pure in house art, Game and Double Cleff are awesome, and Flashback is memorable, but K-Jah is absolutely special). 


It's true that III's rendition is a lot more dub, just like TickLah, maybe that's why I like them more. What do you think? 


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Idk I think Double Cleff FM is the worst station in the game. Yeah KJAH gets a bit repetitive because every song on that dumb station comes from the same album and is mixed by the same guy but what station in III isn't repetitive? 


E. Whoops I thought you meant III's KJAH. I still think Double Cleff FM is the worst compared to KJAH in LCS

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I'm not a big fan of LCS's rendition of K-JAH either, mostly because I find each song to be nearly identical with that low-budget feel to them. While K-JAH in III only featured songs from Scientist, they were all diverse with a unique melody, and they were simply more memorable in my opinion (I f*cking love "The Mummy's Shroud").


Maybe it's nostalgia speaking but K-JAH in III is just better in every way, with a great selection of songs, no commercials, and Horace Walsh is a better DJ too.


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