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I Want to Disable "Delete Game" Option From Main Menu.. Yes.. I'm Crazy :D [Sa Classic]


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Hello modders and experts 🙂


The titel said a lot.. I'm just looking for to disable it so i can prevent deleting my game accidentaly 😃


I've just made a quick and small research on this forum but no result.. i could only find these memory adresses from gtamods.com.. If anyone has a solution i'm ready to apply 😉


Menu IDs

Known Menu IDs (get ID at 0xBA68A5):

    0 = Stats
    1 = Start game
    2 = Brief
    3 = Audio options
    4 = Display settings
    5 = Map
    6 = Question start new game
    7 = Game selection
    8 = Question load mission pack
    9 = Load game
    10 = Delete game
    11 = Question load save game
    12 = Question delete game
    13 = Loads first savegame? *crash
    14 = Delete successful
    15 = Delete successful
    16 = Save game
    17 = Question save
    18 = Save successful
    19 = Save successful
    20 = Save game ok
    21 = Load game ok
    22 = Game affected, do not save
    23 = Display default settings
    24 = Audio default settings
    25 = Controller default settings
    26 = User track options
    28 = Language
    29 = Save game ok
    30 = Save unsuccessful
    31 = Load game (save unsuccessful)
    32 = Load unsuccessful, file corrupted
    33 = Options
    34 = Main menu
    35 = Quit game
    36 = Controller setup
    37 = Redefine controls
    38 = Foot/vehicle controls
    39 = Mouse settings
    40 = Joypad settings
    41 = Game running main menu
    42 = Quit game
    43 = Empty


Thank you so much and have a nice mozeralla pizza day 😎

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I doubt it will be possible with CLEO. On the other hand there is a DeleteSlot function at 0x6190D0. As a guess - if you NOP all of it (highly likely the game will just crash) or some important part of this function - it won't 'gray out' the delete option, but would not delete the file. In this case I think it would be worth checking how the 'overwriting save game' part works. There is a chance that in case of overwriting the game deletes the save file and then writes a new one.


.text:006190D0                   ; _DWORD __stdcall C_PcSave::DeleteSlot(C_PcSave *__hidden this, signed __int8)
.text:006190D0                   _ZN8C_PcSave10DeleteSlotEa proc near    ; CODE XREF: CMenuManager::ProcessFileActions(void)+12A↑p


.text:0061913B                   _ZN8C_PcSave10DeleteSlotEa endp

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@vladvo thank you so much for bringing some options 😉 I do have experience with missions and some knowledge about CLEO but i've never messed with menus and because of that please forgive me if i say something nonsense.. 😃


If i understood correctly you are offering me a "function removal" and make it "passive".. if we have an ability to swap functions can we swap "options" with "delete game" or open a new slot under "load game" and put "delete game" there.. check my example pics..








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Well, I tried messing with menu functions. As expected - it didn't play out well. Crashed, but that's not really important. The main problem is that I got this crash after I loaded a save file. This means that anything made in CLEO is executed only after you load a save or start a new game. So, as far as I understand - even if we manage to do something with this function or anything else - it will be done only after a save is loaded. Just loading the game itself is not enough. Solution: asi mods (C++) or editing the exe.

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10 hours ago, vladvo said:

Solution: asi mods (C++)

I have no idea about this language...

10 hours ago, vladvo said:

editing the exe.

and i can't edit this exe either 😃


well it seems the other people will come up with the same solutions so i'm giving up this idea 🙂

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