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Love Fist limo always parked


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everywhere i read it says that u can only get the love fist limo in the love fist missions. i have beaten all of their missions and the love fist now spawns outside the place where u got their missions. i dont know whether this is a glitch in my game or what. maybe some1 can confirm this for me?

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I don't have the Love Fist Limo spawning, only way i can get it is with the cheatcode rockandrollcar

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The limo should spawn at the V-Rock ststion after the love fist missions are done.  :rampage:  :rampage:  :rampage:

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Strange, I never get a love fist limo spawning...


I thought the only way to get them was by using cheats or in the missions...

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For me, it is just sitting right outside the place where you do the love fist missions.


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Yeah I've got it spawning there also... maybe it is that I'm using the PC version or something. Are you all  on PS2 or PC?

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I think it's because of the PC version. I've had one parked outside VRock ever since I finished Publicity Tour, or whatever their last mission is, and I'm on PC. It'd make sense that it's because of PC/PS2, as I've never heard about it being parked until after the PC release.


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I'm on the PC version and it spawns in front of mine too :alien:

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Mine also spawns there, I'm using PC.  The Securicar also spawns outside of the bank if you weren't aware.  :D


EDIT -  :bored:




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