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Havana Clothes?


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I foud somewere cloth shop with clothes that called havana

1.but for some reason I can't where them why?

2.how do they look like?

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There is a bug in the game which prevents Tommy from getting the Havana Outfit. It's actually located at the Clothes Store in Havana (just up from PRintworks)..but there's an invisible wall which stops you from getting the pick-up..


However, if you place a Bike in the doorway of the store, and blow it up, jump on it, and try and jump in the direction of the bike, you should drop through the floor..and end back up where the Outfit is...


I think..



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Almost correct purple, almost :)


Once you've jumped a few times on top of the blown up bike, you'll pop up over the door. Aim for the clothes pick up, and jump. If you're lucky, you'll hit it, fall through the floor, and then pop up outside on the street :)


I've done it once on the PS2 version. Very tricky, but possible. ;)

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damn ittt cant do it...

ive tried to puting the bike in the doorway but i cant jump anywhere becose of the roof....


is pissing me offfff :furious:

i'll be easy to fix with a crapy patch

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Keep trying, its possible, anything is possible on VC, it just gets you pissed off the first 100 times

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That's the clothes I'm currently using in Vice - My friend's ae clueless as to how I got them lol.


Medvednic - They are the Cuban gang clothes





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