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how to get the position of the head bone in gta sa android, using cleo script


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I have no idea about Android, but on PC we do it like that:

    0A96: 0@ = actor 0@ struct
    0AC7: 6@ = var 2@ offset // vector 3d pointer
    0AA6: call_method 0x5E01C0 struct 0@ num_params 3 pop 0 bIncludeAnim 1 iBoneID 5@ vOffset 6@ // CPed__getBonePositionWithOffset
cleo_return 3 2@ 3@ 4@


There is no opcode to obtain bone position, but you can attach object to bone, then get  position of the object.

09A0: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR attach_object 26@ with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 on_bone 5 16 perform_animation "NULL" IFP_file "NULL" time -1

I stopped using this approach, as it seems be dedicated for cutscenes and have undesired side effects. (it hides actor's weapon)

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