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Playing SA for the first time, what to know?

Anywhere USA

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Starting to get burned out, might break before finishing it. Final stretch of things like Import/Export or Girlfriends is a bit tedious.


again, anyone has a consistent way to get Denise up without initiating anything that’s cool. It went up a tiny notch while doing multiplayer for some ducking reason, so I just need to keep doing that til I’m out of the negative 

Even when this is done, I’m not quite done the 3D era. Still have to do the PSP Multiplayer and need two more people 

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For Denise, just pick her up and drive around enemy territory where she'll suggest doing a drive-by on the gang members who control that area, if you have already taken over all of Los Santos you can still go to El Corona (near Unity Station) to go let her shoot some Aztecas.


Although for the Girlfriends I just preffered giving them flowers and taking them to eat somewhere and come back home for hot coffee, its faster and it works for all of them, I usually save the game at a safehouse that's close to their houses to make grinding for the 100% relationship with them faster.

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To clarify since people seem to misunderstand me again and again, I'm below the -15 threshold. Trying to initiate a date leads to being dumped and that's non-recoverable. I need a way to cheese the score above 0,

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