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I need some help finishing a RDR mod, looking for tools and documentation


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Hi everyone! I'm c_wb_y, I recently joined this community after my friend asked me if I could find a simple PS button prompt mod for the original RDR for Xbox 360.


Fast forward a couple of days and I'm almost done with a UI mod for RDR that replaces the X360 button prompts with Dualsense ones + a cleaner controller preview mod with Playstation prompts and a Dualsense replacing the old Xbox 360 controller, while introducing a simple fix for the huge stick deadzones the game originally had. I'm 100% done with the textures and there is just 2 things left: 


1- Replacing the DXT1/DXT5 textures inside /rdr2_layer0.rpf/flash/popup.xsf with the modified ones

2- Saving the rpf and rebuilding the .iso succesfully


Here are some of the tools I have been using so far to try and make it work out:


  • AreDeAre-xPlorer-2 - works fine for extracting resources like tune.xml but I can't find any other use for it. Trying to unpack the .xsf file would provide a extension-less file
  • RPFTool - same as the one above, great for extracting and replacing certain files inside the .rpf but outside of the .xsf, trying to unpack the "popup.xsf" gives out "popup.xsf_unpacked", can't find a way to progress further
  • Magic-RDR - works fantastic for exploring the .rpf and the insides of the .xsf . So far, the only one that allowed me to manually replace the .dds files inside popup.xsf and saving the .rpf. Great tool.
  • DxTex - recommended by @Shvab - great and functional tool for creating .dds textures and assigning a proper surface/volume format.
  • extract-xiso - works great for creating the folders out of the RDR .iso from the CLI , haven't been able to rebuild the .iso back using it though. Here is the specific command I used:


.\extract-xiso.exe -c .\RDR\ rdr.iso
extract-xiso v2.7.1 (01.11.14) for win32 - written by in <[email protected]>

creating rdr.iso:

generating avl tree from filesystem: rdr2_layer0.rpfread error: value too large


It seems like perhaps MagicRDR messed up the .rpf file or I need to use some specific options to save the .rpf in a certain way so the .iso can be rebuilt later. This is weird since in this attempt I just tried to rebuild an iso with 2 changed values from the tune.xml located at the flash folder inside rdr2_layer0.rpf.


I couldn't find any documentation for MagicRDR so I am looking for an alternative tool that can let me modify the .xsf insides.


Trying to use a GUI for extract-xiso apparently worked, but once I loaded the .iso into Xenia (without patches applied) it crashed after the intro and Xenia Canary just provides a black screen, which makes me think the .iso isn't being rebuilt properly at all.


Basically the 2 things that I need to know are:


1. What is the most reliable way to rebuild a .iso file from folders? 


2a. What tools do you usually use to modify the content inside the .xsf files?


2b. Do you replace them directly or do you extract the .xsf, modify it and then rebuild the .xsf and replace it with the one inside the original .rpf? If you do that, what tool do you use to extract the .xsf into proper .dds files?


If you guys know about anyone that could help me solve these questions please let me know, I would love to have a quick chat to get these issues out of the way and finish the mod I've been working on.


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