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[plugin-sdk] [VC] Is possible to custom sound behaves like in 018C/018D opcode?


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I'm wondering if plugin SDK allows to create such a thing. I want to make something like in this CLEO script but with custom sound file. For Vice City.

Algorithm I want to execute:
1. If player is in certain cube

2. Play continous sound at some coords

3. If player left the cube

4. Stop the sound

My CLEO script I want to base on:

while true
00BF: 0@ = current_time_hours, 1@ = current_time_minutes
    wait 10
    0057: player $PLAYER_CHAR 0 17.0 -1336.3 10.4 30.6 -1320.1 12.0          
        if or
        1@ == 0
        1@ == 20
        1@ == 40
               018C: play_sound 65 at 24.682 -1333.196 12.000 
               wait 8000

I've got a little experience with plugin-sdk coding, but it was only some adress patching to change HUD/Menu/Markers colors.

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