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(PS4/PS5) Would you like to join a mafia based crew on GTA online? If so contact me on Instagram or PSN.


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Crew Name:
The Morello Crime Family, EST 2008.


Gameplay Style:
The Morello Crime Family is a Semi-Roleplay, Free Aim crew that has was established in 2008. Our activities range from: Moneymaking incorporated with RP, traditional Roleplay, PvP etc. We are looking for mature and serious members, willing too abide by a strict set of rules and work their way up the ranks.

Join Requirements:
We have a set of rules so you will have to understand the rules, and abide by them. (You can find most of the rules in the website below.)




Crew Link:

Contact Information:
PSN: Vito_A_Morello

Instagram: vito_morello_


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Outdated information
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We are still recruiting, contact me through IG or PSN if you are interested.

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We are now recruiting on the Playstation 5 version of GTA aswell. Message my Instagram to join, @vito_morello_

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