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Help me to load Txd Dixtionary


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Hello all


i am coding my mod cleo for gta sa android


I have a problem

How do I load the texture that I added in txd.txt to the screen using Cleo.

i use code

0390: load_txd_dictionary 'ON_ENGINE'
038F: load_texture 'ON_ENGINE' as 2 // Load dictionary with 0390 first
03F0: enable_text_draw 1
074B: draw_texture 2 position 320.0 410.0 scale 64.0 32.0 angle 0 color_RGBA 255 255 255 0
0391: release_textures

what should i write in code 0390 to be able to load the ON_ENGINE image texture

because I named the texture file on_engine

please those who understand please help me


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Use max. 7 charackter for the name 



0390: load_txd_dictionary 'OENGINE'

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On 26/5/2023 at 17.37, ZAZ said:

Gunakan maks. 7 karakter untuk nama 



0390: load_txd_dictionary 'OENGINE'

Thanks brother 

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