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GTA VC Launching then 1 sec later crashes to desktop

Caps king

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Caps king

i have a severe problem with gta vc, so when i try to launch gta vc, it launches then 1 sec after launching it crashes back to the desktop, any solutions? i am on a win11 pc i brought in feb of this year, i am on retail version, i did the properties run in win98/xp compatibility mode, 640x480 screen resolution, still, anything to fix it?

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I would suggest that you try running the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7/8 instead of 98 or XP. Also, make sure that you turn on Data Execution Prevention for the EXE and mostly important, check the GPU/iGPU drivers. Windows 11 is notorious for crashing for the later reason.


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Evil empire

If the above doesn't work remove gta_vc.set it might fix your problem.

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@Caps king Have you checked what others said here, did anything help?

If you want you can upload your save file to gtasnp so it can be checked. (send the link when it is uploaded)

Btw are you using any mods there? Certain mods can crash your game, or could cause other issues.

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