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Any weapon sound mod for vice city on the horizon?


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I find the weapon sounds of vice city to be about the worst I have ever heard in a computer game in close competition with GTA 3. For example I was on the first chopper mission where you get to use that big machine gun but I could hardly even hear it! This goes to all weapons really, they are extremely muted and I am playing really loud.


So is there any weapon sound mods available or under development?

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You got a bad sound card then if you could "hardly" hear the machine gun on the helicopter.

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The Quick and the Dead

Agreed, and did you turn up the sound in windows?  Thats the little sound icon by the clock.  WAV and MAIN should be up all the way, so you can control it with your speakers.  Just setting it to the max in GTA isn't enough.  Heh.


They don't have to be up all the way, about middle is fine, but if its at the bottom that'd explain your bad heli sounds.

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oh, and remember, i did this

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Well I am using the nforce 2 soundstorm mainboard am I have set everything to full. Wave full, master full, sound effect setting in game to full. Have never had a trouble with my nforce 2 soundstorm before and I can use d3d hardware, eax, eax 3, rad miles sound and get the exactly same sounds. Have almost maxed out my digitheatre platinums and these speakers do pack quite a punch.


Extremely muted weapons generally. I don´t know if vice city have trouble with outputting many soundsources in the same time or if this is some kind of bug. I can hear the weapons they are just very muted.


How is your weapon sound volume compaired to fps games for example??

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Oh it was a bug. I thought that I had changed sound modes from EAX but you have to hit enter for it to take effect. Switching from EAX to D3D hardware sound solved it. Seems like EAX doesn´t make use or full use of my subwoofer but it didn´t seemed to affect the music or other sounds in any way but I may be wrong there. Haven´t had time playing it.

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