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RDR2 on PC: certain reflections flicker (on both DX12 and Vulkan)


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Hey there,


About a week ago everything was alright, but I had to do a clean reinstall of windows. Now that I've installed RDR2 again, I'm experiencing a weird bug that I've never seen before: certain things' reflections in the water (it looks like it's specifically the clouds' reflections/shadows) are extremely low resolution and look like huge (about 1cm x 1cm on a 27 inch monitor) black squares. However, removing the reflections MSAA setting to 'off' almost fixes the situation. I've always played with reflections MSAA x8 so I sort of got used to that... Changing any other settings doesn't seem to affect the issue at all.


Tried googling but didn't find anything similar. Any ideas folks?


//edit: small update - done a clean reinstall of the latest nvidia drivers using DDU. Didn't help, sadly.

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Hi, I don't know what it might be and I might be incorrect here but when I had turned on FSR and then off instantly the reflections and clouds looked really weird like that it's similar, but it's a different issue as you experience it every time you open the game right?

Maybe MSAA reflections go with ultra water settings, could be something like that too idk. What GPU do you have?

I think it was FSR I don't remember.

Also does this happen also in story mode?

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On 12/9/2023 at 1:54 AM, Nevik said:

Hello! Came across the same problem. Have u fixed one?

Hi there! No, sadly I couldn't find a way to battle this issue. For now I just turned off reflections MSAA, seems to mostly fix the issue, but the reflections look a lot worse, sadly...

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