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Grand Theft Auto III Funny Quotes Thread

Hell No..

Recommended Posts

Quite some list you got there HN. Good job man.


About the pin.. well, topics that provide tips and helpfull guides or the likes for ppl to learn from, get pinned.


I'm doubting this will get a pin, but great work nontheless smile.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

The gay workers always say "There's a Place You can go"....if it's already up there sry i just couldnt sit there and read all of them...but i did read over 200 of them

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Thanks mate, i have heard it loads of times, but i dont believe that i have added it untill now. smile.gif


List updated. smile.gif

Edited by Hell No..
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  • 2 weeks later...
Brenteus Maximus

damn hell no.. that is one long list. i havent checked this topic in ages but i just did... and an hour later here i am replying lol j/k dude. nice job. keep it up... if it isn't finished by now already wink.gif

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You could make a totally complete list by loading all the .wav or .mp3 files on the gta3 audio disc in your music player or whatever you use and listen to them. Then all type them down and post them here. It's gonna take a while, but hey, maybe it's worth it and you will be in the twin galaxies record book.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Ahhhhh hell no can you remember in school? you and your note pad and us helping you think of more sayings and i was laughing because you got about 200 over night?? lol

TV aint one is it?

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Oh ok then.


I have heard another one which i dont believe that you have got.


Here: "I aint responsible"



Edited by THOMA
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When this thread first started, I thought the idea was kind of silly because I just assumed that most people had heard everything that's said. So if this was already posted, my apologies as I am NOT going to read through it all just to check. Boy was I wrong about having heard everything. The other day I heard something I had never heard before and it had me laughing so hard.


I had just finished going on a personal rampage killing everybody in sight. The Paramedics showed up to clean up my mess. As one was getting out, he was cheerfully singing "Push it to the limit." biggrin.gif That's priceless! So not only do we have fake radio stations, personalities, and songs, but we also have citizens singing those songs while they work. That's too much! rahkstar.gif

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Wow, congratulations on getting it pinned Hell, now lets set a record and go for the big 5...0...0... on sayings as we're short about 15...






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  • 4 weeks later...

Gay worker 1: "Young man"

Gay worker 2: "There's a place you can go"

Gay worker 3: "At the YMCA"


I think that these phrases are in the list, but you can reunite them, as this forms Village People's YMCA lyrics... tounge.gif


I just love the Colombians saying things like "I'm scared, gringo!", "You want the chainsaw, gringo?", "Eh gringo!", "I kill you, gringo!"... I think that's all the "gringo" sayings...

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  • 2 weeks later...

You may already have it but my fave one has to be of course...........


"in the navy"


LMAO tounge.gif



edit:~Yes you do, its number 98 blush.gif

Edited by chunky monkey
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Yeah, i did that because 2 people say it. smile.gif

Oh, sorry man, i didnt know you were doing it like that. Well if i play GTA3 anytime soon, ill help with the sayings if i can. wink.gif

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