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I got the pc version


so here`s my problem


when i start playing the game runs real fine but afer some time it`s nearly impossible to play because the sound makes strange noises ( llllikkikkeee thththatattt   ;) ) and the framerate is very low.            

What might be the problem and how can i solve it


i got an amd 1000 , 256 mb ram , DMX fire 1024 (soundcard)

( ain`t got enough money to get a newerone)

please help me


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Okay, it's not a sound issue.  It's probably a RAM issue.  I get the same problem, and I have 256 MB RAM.


What's your video card?


Also, what's your email?  I'll send you my SEVERLY modified particle.cfg.  A lot of smoke effects will be gone (basically unnoticable) but your game will be smoother longer.

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hey guys, i've got the exact same problem and it's driving me crazzzzzy. I've also got 256 ram, but i've got a 1800 processor.  I really thought this game would run just fine - and it does, for about 30 minutes till it slows down and lags like crazy.  could you send me the file as well? Thanks a lot, any idea what might be causing this or how it could be fixed? :/

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Don's Johnson


:alien: The best thing to improve performance is a good video card , I recomend a G-force card by Nvida, the ati-radions don't seem to have the compatability as nvidas. I run a 1.1ghz  celeron processor 512 ram & a g-force 4, no sound card (yet) it runs great , even with the processor 100 htz under the required  1.2ghz celeron minimum.

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i got kind of this problem when i ran out of diskspace and windows started up its freediskprogramthingy..


maybe this could have something to do with it?

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Don's Johnson:

we've got to figure out what you have that I don't.  My specs seem to be a little higher then yours, so there's got to be something i'm doing wrong.  My specs:

1800 mhtz AMD athlon

256 mb ddr ram

geforce4 mx420 video card

onboard sound card

80 gig maxtor 7200 rpm hard disc (diagnostic says it might be running a little slow - I have to check this out)

win 98


the culprit could possibly be the ram, but i meet the requirements, and many people with 256 ram have the game running flawlessly.

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i got radeon 9500 and 256 ram, 1.4 ghz amd pro and play at 1600x1200 with full distance viewing on, only goes slow in the pole position club, with all that smoke everywhere.

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I have Pentium 3 @ 933MHz with 256MB RAM under Win98.

A friend of mine has Pentium 4 @ 1200MHz with 128MB RAM under WinME.

My uncle has Pentium 3 @ 550MHz with 128MB RAM under Win98.

We ALL have nVidia GeForce 2 with 32MB Memory.


In my PC (P3) the GTA has a framerate about 15-25fps.

In my friend's PC (P4) it has a framerate about 20-35fps for about 15 minutes and then it goes less than 10fps and many times it stops for 1-5 seconds.

In my uncle's PC (P3) it has a frame rate about 10fps.


I think that the problem is the RAM!

Maybe this game needs 512MB or more.  :angry:



Is anyone that has a PC at about 500MHz-2GHz and 512MB RAM or more???

Tell me if the game runs smoothly on your PC and if it still runs smoothly after an hour.





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Not sure if there's a main topic for this.  But I have the same problem.  After about an hour or 2 of playing it gets so slow, i exit, reboot, and restart the game..



P4 1500mhz

256mb SDRAM

(yes, i have SDram on a P4, to cheap for DDR at the time)

Geforce 4 440mx (once again to cheap for the TI)

7200 RPM HD w/ about 15gigs free

WinXP Pro (Seems to run alot better, for longer periods of time in Win2k on the same system)


I'm gonna save up and buy a new mobo and 512 DDR

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Hey its pretty easy I only had to reinstall windows (with format c:/v and all that stuff)took some time,

but now i can play on 100% distance without any problem WHOHOOOOO :D

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Charlie Lucky

On my computer I think it's the on-board sound card.  I was trying to get my vigilante level higher and at about level 50 I was getting as slow as 4 seconds per frame during and after an explosion.  On a hunch I disabled the Sis 7012 Audio Driver in Device Manager and I got over level 70 with no performance degredation (and, of course, no sound! )  In running dxdiag sound tests I get a message "Your sound card does not support hardware buffering.  Sounds will only play back from software buffers."  In the Vice City game in the "audio setup" the line for audio hardware shows "dsound3d software emulation".  I'm running windows me on an athlon xp 1800+ with 512 mb pc2100 ddr, which I'm sure is adequate.  I have an oem Soundblaster pci 128 in another computer and a generic CMI 8738 laying around.  At some point I'll probably install one or the other and see what happens.

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It really sth with the sound I put it on hardware (not emulation) and i could play 4  hours without anyproblem , but my eyes started to hurt :alien:  so i stopped.


I heard that there are several onboard soundcards which are hardware acellerated , but i think this are soundblaster chips.


So dont give up ! :r*:

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