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Web of Life


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Web of Life


At the darkest hours of night
Is when the light of truth shines brightest
The veil becomes transparent 
The love is what remains.


I see you posted high amongst the stars 
Constellations, they line your heart 
Time and space they are the body 
But what remains 
Beyond the story.


And with every dying moment 
New life remerges 
And when the heart is still and open 
The wheels of change loose all their motion.


Impartial, in solitutde 
In love with family and in breath 
Cradling the hurt and sorrow 
Times of bliss, of love and rest 
With space beyond all time dimensions
The hallways of this house remain 
Where ether, the love, its web unseen
But intimate in life, it plays. 


My mind's eye glimpses that moment,
The body contracting, the breath uneasy 
You said a week before you were dying 
I did not know your time was ceasing 
Though when you felt the spirit swelling
The breath uneasy, chest pains welling 
And asked for me to call for help
I did not know how rebirth felt. 


And I recall you said to me
Sitting there within your chair
A string of web, bright and glaring 
It kept appearing, and it was there. 


Not then, but now, I understand
The darkest hour turned it's hand
And truth of light it shun the veil
This web of life, now seen - prevailed
You glimpsed the holy, always here
Interdependent, so pure and clear
That what we are is love eternal
And you're still here
Beyond the hurdle. 
All love, its string spreads forth forever
Holding us all in perfect splendor.  
Blessed is all. 






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