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I think LCS is actually one of the best 3D era games now

cant remember

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cant remember

I just finished LCS for the first time, it's got its downsides (no helicopters, boring story) but there is one particular thing LCS shines in over every other 3D era games: the missions.


They're quite varied, pretty fun and not overly difficult. The difficult ones can be overcome if you know what to expect and approach it prepared/strategically. The memorable missions for me were the one where you remotely control a Sindacco car (the first person drone view with the car's dash visible was very neat), and the car salesman mission cracked me up when the customer wanted a car that could "show it to those sidewalk suckers" and was convinced after you run over a couple people.


I also like that they added a wider selection of period accurate cars to Liberty City. GTA3 was full of exotics and oldtimbers, and only really had the Kuruma and Sentinel as "normal" cars. Now they made the Manana into a late 90's car, the Perennial is a decade newer and there's a few new ones like the Sindacco and Forrelli cars and V8 Ghost.


Another thing, but it could be due to the post effects not being present and models being less detailed than GTA3 but the whole game gave me a "beta GTA3" feel.


Quite a contrast to VCS which was downright brutal, I had to cheat with savestates and slomo to get past some of its missions.

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Same, I f*ckin LOOOOOVE LCS. My favorite character is Toni's mom. She should've been the main antagonist but who cares, it's still a fun ride for a mobile GTA game.

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Yep is a awesome game. I played in ps2 and i loved it, mainly the missions I thought it was very well built.

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All 3D GTA games are good. Liberty City Stories in my opinion lacked a bit of depth to its story, especially after Toni gets made. There's a lot of GTA 3 characters that didn't return and could have added to the story. The idea of Salvatore himself doing espionage on rivals is hilarious; you would think he would send Toni, Mickey or other high-rank soldiers he could trust. Also Vincenzo was wasted too early on, he was the only antagonist with any sort of real development. He could have betrayed the family rather than just Toni, and went to work with the Sicilians led by Torini, so you could kill them both at the end instead of just bland Massimo.


But gameplay wise, I think all the games developed by Leeds (LCS, VCS and even Chinatown Wars in the HD era) always brought interesting things to the series, that sadly didn't catch on very much to the main games made by North. LCS had cool unique stuff like selling cars and bikes, picking up trash with a truck, travel by ferry, sightseeing missions, the Avenging Angels (true vigilantes).

Who is the strongest? Who is the best? Who holds the aces, the East or the West?


This is the CRAP... our children are learning?
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