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Need Help With Coding


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Hi.  How are you ? I'm fine. I think you should ask Cowboy69 for help, he is a good programmer. Cowboy69 accidentally found a solution to error 005c2d01. He turned off the appearance of all aquatic inhabitants on the water: dolphins, sea turtles, fish, etc.

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On 4/2/2023 at 10:32 AM, Tommy882 said:

I found source code for Silent's mss32 hook for GTALC mod, and I want it to work as a .asi plugin. But changing its extension name from dll to asi doesn't work. Any help?(the code is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JPxKV6C_PfnkP4CkaPjCr4qWqOyS3Kfd/view?usp=sharing)

Hi, have you tried asking Cowboy69 for help?

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7 hours ago, Tommy882 said:

How to get in touch with him?


Those are all the places I know about.

Please let him know about important corrections:
1. that it is necessary to turn off all aquatic inhabitants (dolphins, sharks, sea turtles)
2. About the fact that the police, the matchmaker, the FBI, the army and the train (no sounds are heard as the train rides, as the train doors open and close) do not reproduce sounds.
3 Ped in headphones also does not reproduce sounds.


Please increase the limit for 2dfx to at least 2500.

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