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RC Plane?


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I'm having a lot of trouble getting past that mission where you need to fly the RC planes and blow up the Cubans.  Anyone have any tips, or does anyone want me to send them my save game and beat it for me? thanks

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Well there is this 100% save game you can download..


But for the mission a good idea is to fly real low when you are trying to bomb there boats, that was one of my favourite missions...

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use numpad 4 and 9 and when your right above the boats do a nose dive (9) and release when your a little ahead of them

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man im stuck on this mission too. I thought the heli one was bad i was like OHH NOOO not another one!! when i got to this one lol.


The helis and the planes are so hard to control. Im also on the water plane level where you have to get the blue dots in the sky, the name of the mission escapes me...anyone got any pointers?


I also wanted to say that you guys helping others out is great!!  :rah:



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Nick I guess your talking about Dildo Dodo right?


Well all you've got to do is once your in the air every few seconds just tap back to keep up & don't try to turn very fast. Also start with the northern most dot first

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Yep thats the level alright!!! i finally did the rc plane one where you have to get the boats then the car, man!!!!!!! how hard was that lol..... still i will try your theroy on Dildo dido mission and see how i get on!! Thanks for you help!! Your pucker!! :)



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  • 2 weeks later...

When it comes to mission where you have to fly, whether it's a plane or a chopper, there's one thing that makes it go better: A Joystick. with a joystick you can steer way more precies which makes everything go better.


And by the way: having other people pass a mission for ya is just so sad... Complete the game on your own, ya lazy bum!!! :sneaky:



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