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What are all unique vehicles in San Andreas?


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I'm working towards a 100% completion of the game for the third time but this time I want to keep all unique vehicles.

I'm not talking about special quality vehicles (like bullet proof, explosion proof, etc) I'm talking about unique vehicles models or appearances.


I already know about the Mothership, the Swat tank and the black and white Stretch.

What else am I missing?

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@AdrianEon31 Yellow Burrito, Full Black Stretchs,Blue AP Maverick (Toreno's Last Flight) Yellow Forklift (In order to get that you should skip the heist mission and get it from Home Coming mission) Red-Black BF Injection, White AP Vortexes, White-Black AP Vortex, White AP Newsvan and maybe Pony from Life is a Bitch..

Edited by ArmanCan
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11 hours ago, AdrianEon31 said:

how many of those require to fail a mission?


I will only explain one of them because there is a different trick for one method which you can not find it in any Special Vehicle Guide.. you will find the rest of them by clicking the playlist (below)


 AP Blue Maverick: Two Ways..

1) Suicide (Easiest): Before i explain it i highly suggest you to make the mavericks lighter by tuning the "handling.cfg" file (above). You will also need Sawn-Off Shotgun (Hitman Skill) with appr. 100 bullets. Ok i think you looked at my content so.. 

- After phonecall, land the backside of police station roof but DO NOT FLY OVER THE HELIPAD.. 

- Shoot the tail of this maverick and make it fall to the ground..

- If you manage it, carefully circle around the helipad, take the helicopter, fly it and store it in Hashburry Garage..from now on you need to blow yourself up in the garage, let the mission fail and check/register your maverick by open/close garage door twice..

2) Pass (Hardest): Before passing the mission you need to make sure that you have a bike and a heavy truck in Doherty garage..

- After phonecall head through the helipad with your truck but park it in front of Cluckin Bell

- Trigger the helipad cutscene and immediately destroy the maverick on air. 

- Right now you need to focus your camera on your maverick at all times.. get in to your truck and push the maverick to doherty garage..

- When you are close to garage, use your bike to wedge the door so it won't despawn right in front of you.. 

- If you manage it you have now Blue Maverick without properties.. In order to add them you will need high prority phonecall, completed Quarry missions (7th/last mission must be enabled) and a girlfriend with less relationship progress (This is all AP CONVERSION)


Lethal Vaccine has a lot of Special Vehicle Guide Videos for PS2 players but off course most methods are also compatible for PCs 😉



This is his playlist that i mentioned above.. good luck.. you will need it 😀




Edited by ArmanCan
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