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Design Your Own Mission Contest #11


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Finally, with joy and excitement, we present you the eleventh Design Your Own Mission contest. This time, I, Yasir_RFL will have the honor to host this event due to winning the previous one last year.

After 67.142 new Missions and 2.631 new Storylines released on our website, it's time to organise another contest!


The goal of the contest is off course to create the best mission using "Design Your Own Mission". Things to keep in mind are originality, playability and difficulty. You should challenge the players of your mission, but they should not get frustrated. If your mission is ready, you should upload it to our mission upload site.





In this edition the theme is:

Vigilante Anti-Hero

 - A protagonist with their own set of rules and laws, imposing 'justice' upon other people according to their own belief.

Be creative, but use this specific theme. We are curious about what you make up!

-Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly series and The Punisher are great examples for this theme.





-Entry must consist of 3 to 6 missions - Make a short story consisted of minimum 3 and maximum 6 missions.

-All missions must have SD included - be it a soundtrack or individual sound effects, it's up to you, be creative.

-Mods are allowed ONLY under these conditions: they must be optional, such as character skins or gun skins, for cosmetic purposes only.

-CLEO addons are also allowed as long as they don't require installation - In other words, your mission must be playable without any mods.

-After your entry is completed, upload it into a single archive on DYOM website.

-One entry per designer.



- In case DYOM website is still not fixed by the time you are done with your entry, upload it to another hosting website.

-Additional mods such as guns and skins are allowed as long as they are optional (not required for player to install).

-Simple CLEO addons are also allowed under the same condition. Examples of such addons: DYOM#, Milliseconds addon, etc.
-This time, using SD for soundtrack and / or sound effects is required. Boost player's experience with DYOM's SD feature!

-Missions should be balanced between good storytelling and intense gameplay, although this is your choice.








16 April 2023

Edited by Yasir_RFL
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2 hours ago, Yasir_RFL said:

-After your entry is completed, upload it into a single archive on DYOM website.

Hmm. Is the website fixed now?

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4 minutes ago, MiranDMC said:

Hmm. Is the website fixed now?

Not fixed yet, if it's not fixed till you are ready to submit your entry then you can upload it on any other site like MediaFire or Mega, and share the link here.

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Game Bag

Is it allowed to use AudioFX 2.0 from SIZZZZ? It's just somehow detrimental to make normal audio for a mission without this script

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Since the mission can be completed without any issues even without that particular addon, it is allowed. However, the negative side is the sound won't play the way you want it to play in case player doesn't have AudioFX addon.

Edited by AnDReJ98
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I would try to make an entry if DYOM IX and any DYOM addon was acceptable

With DYOM 8.1 along side just DYOM#, etc. I'm not interested

I'll play the entries tho because I'm interested what ideas people have

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Well dyom contest is back 

And so do I, if I got time I will join as well, in the meanwhile good luck to all participants 😀

  • Realistic Steak! 2
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