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[Request] East Coast Classics Radio Station Logo


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I am currently putting up a fanmade classic East Coast hip-hop radio/mix and I wanted to have a nice logo for it. I though about the name East Coast Classics to kinda mirror the V radio.


I have 2 requests for the logo:


  • First one would be using GTA IV's The Classics lettering (I already removed the "the" inside de "C" + changed the red a bit so it is a bit darker). So the goal would be to have "East Coast" with the same lettering above (same size). I didn't find the font, and I am really bad at mimicking stuff, lol.
  • Second one would be using GTA V's WCC logo, and just replace the "West" by "East" (again, mimicking the original style).


You can do just one, or both if you have time. :D


Since I am putting up my mixes on my YT channel, I'll make sure to credit you.



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That's perfect man, thank you for your time.


Lettering for the second one looks fine, blends quite well with the original and that's what I was looking for. Variants look good too, especially the first one 'cause it kinda keeps that graffiti style.

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