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Help please! stuck at loading screen after a cutscene


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Im stuck on the after cutscene loading screen for the mission, Final destination and i cant figure out how to get past. I was able to once but died and cant recreate what I did. Ive tried the following:Β Locking core 0 through task manager - no fix. Made a command.txt file and put different commands ive found over the internet and no fix there. Ive tried it with vsync on and off, no fix. Messed with different graphics settings, and that did nothing. The only time i did get it, i had made a command in the text file, -framelimit 60, had the graphics set to 60hz then had turned on vsync right before the mission, but redoing that doesnt work. I am at a complete loss. As for my game, im operating on a downgraded version too with vehicle mods, gun mods, ELS, and simple trainer. Along with Zmenu which was installed during the downgrade process. I dont wish to reinstall/uninstall my game and loose all the mods. Im trying to enjoy the campaign with them all. Open to all suggentions!!

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@c10Β Hi, I think the trainer might be causing this, have you tried removing it? Or even the other mods cut and paste to a desktop folder one by one to see if the game doesn't stuck at loading screen? If you see posts for other gtas help sections, most crashes/freezing are caused by some mods.

Trainers for me were causing most problems that have to do with save crash/loading screen freeze and such.


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