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Tips and tricks for Trashing RC side mission


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I have been stuck on this mission for a long time in hunt for 100% completion. And never have made any progress in it. Not even on the level one. So, I abandoned the game for months. Now that I decided that I want to go through that crap of a mission again, I was wondering whether is there anybody that ever passed this mission on PPSSPP version of the game. If so, just... How? That's basically the only question I have, since it seems impossible to pass that mission in PPSSPP environment.

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Is it that the rc mission in Portland

I was also stuck in this side mission

One tip I can give you is don't drive too fast and you have to overtake the other RC cars only at last moment to win the race.

Also avoid the side walk and use the straight road and it still counts  this will save you bit time and help you win the race

It took me 7-8 tried so good luck 

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