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unhandled exception c00005 at address 00000000


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Ok so im playing classic gta vice city cuz i was bored and im trying to complete it %100 again, and i came to the mission demolution man and at first everything was going perfect, but then after, the game crashed while i was in the building with rc heli again and i reopened the game, went to the mission again, i entered topfun van and then cutscene starts, it shows what to do and right when it shows one of the barrels the game crashes, i tried removing scripts folder and cleo cuz i had some scripts and mods but it was still the same, then i put the mods back again but this time when i loaded my save the screen would go black and stay like that, i removed mods again but it was still black screen after loading save, even new game, so pls help i love vice city

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Alright, I fixed it. What I did was deleting everything about the game from my computer (that means all the folders and registry entries), installed it again, installed the downgrade patch and Frame Limiter mod and it worked. I don't know whether I screwed up something or the game didn't download properly, but who cares, it works now.


Edited by ArmanCan
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13 hours ago, ArmanCan said:

Ok i found out the issue, it was a file from gta san andreas file directory that i accidentally put it to gta vc file directory, the file was imCamAim. But now i still have issue with demolution man, it crashes when it shows the barrel from the building we gonna destroy. Pls help


It says Unhandled exception: c0000005

At address:              004ca523

Edited by mrtvicakajaleksandrija
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1 hour ago, mrtvicakajaleksandrija said:

Pls help

There will be tons of "Unhandled Exception" error for the Vice City and all you have to do (Was not following the train offcourse) is google the error code or make a search in this forum 😉

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