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buildings to buy

keyser söze

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keyser söze

I was wondering how many building you can buy in Vice City and where are they located?? I own 11 buildings:


The Malibu

Print Works


Ice Cream Factory

Car Showrrom

Boat Yard

3321 Vice Point

Links View Appartment

El Swanko Casa

1102 Washington Street

Hyman Condo

Are there any others???

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Since when do yo need a second PC to have two applications running at the same time on a PC?



There are 15 i think but the map on the following site will make it all clear:


This map show everything, but it's in Flash, so you need a second pc for using it during gameplay




Laod the web site then the game, while playing the game 'ALT' + 'TAB' to switch to the website 'ALT' + 'TAB' to get back to GTA VC which will now be paused.

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