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PS2 PAL v2.01 Save File thingy thing (now with vidya proof)


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Local man here, erm again.


Played v2.01 of SA on PS2, PAL region, SLES-52541, General European copy. Now, encountered two things when continuing a save made a small while back.



- The same Memory Card file has both, v1.03 save and this v2.01 save.

- Check'd, v1.03 IS ABSOLUTELY FINE

- But v2.01...

-- ...Cabbie and Taxi are supposed to have Nitro and jumping after TAXI DRIVER, yes? Stats tell me I've done those (50 fares), yet nothing happens.

-- Also CJ should be payed when visiting a prostitute, but instead CJ is charged. Stats tell me I've done pimping (Level 10), yet the reward isn't happening.


Now, what could be the cause here? I've had a save of this years back, before acquiring v1.03 and thus deleting v2.01 save and making a v1.03 one, but later re-acquired v2.01 and just saved that to slot 2. In that old save I had initially, I don't recall any issues with these.


- Before you ask, I'm using:

-- DAEWOO 20C9NT 4:3 CRT with a single speaker

-- Sony PlayStation 2, Fat, SCPH-50004, Black

-- Sony DualShock 2, SCPH-10010, Black

-- Sony Memory Card for PlayStation 2, SCPH-10020, Black

-- Naturally, a Black Label from 2009, reprint containing v2.01 version of the game

(-- Naturally, also a Black Label from 2004, original print containing v1.03 version of the game)

-- Times Cheated stat isn't present, so thus I haven't used any


What is going on heres? Just so ye know, I have no way to get saves to peoples, so do not ask.

I have one idea, I once got gym limit, but can't recall which version it was. (And yes, didn't save until it was sure I could do gym stuff again.)


Here's a vidya of the phenomenon, I have 100% yet taxis suck and prostitutes steal money.


Edited by psxdriverplayer

-We Japanese give life no importance. -Master
-Then why did you ask for help when you were drowning, eh? -Sonny



                                           Licensed by

                 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.



  Local man has a YouTube channel containing stuff

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