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Can’t access casino minigames! (iOS Version) Please help!


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I’m playing GTASA on iOS. Latest update.

The video poker machines and roulette tables are bugged for me.

When I approach them the tick symbol doesn’t come up.

I think because I switched apps while I was playing and the game rebooted when I went back.

It’s definitely my save because I tried it in another save and it works.

Please help me somebody, I’m so close to getting 100% and I don’t wanna lose my progress!!

Also I don’t know how to get the save file off of my iPhone. Help with that would be greatly appreciated!

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This sounds like a known glitch. There's a topic on it here.


GTASNP.com has an option to attempt to fix the glitch in your save, but it's not guaranteed, and you need to be able to access your save file to upload it.

Supposedly the iExplorer and iFunBox apps will let you access the save files in /var/mobile/Applications/GTASA/Documents/. I don't use iOS though, so I can't say for sure how these work.

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On that page, click Modifications and then see the Fix Casino Minigames Glitch option in the bottom right. Select Yes from the dropdown next to it and then download the save.



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