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Replacing multiple audio files at once in sfx.SDT


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Hello, I tried several audio replacement tools like gta3audio, RockstarAudioTool and SFX Manager but I can't replace multiple audio files at once. Is there a way to do it?


Thank you.


EDIT: Finally after some trial and error I managed to replace sounds!


- First you have to extract the .SDT, RAW and .CFG (handling) files.

- After you selected the output folder you will have your sounds extracted and more importantly the .CFG file will be smaller in size, which will allow rebuilding the files to the correct number (9941).

- Once you have your sounds ready and renamed it's time for rebuild. Select the .SDT and .RAW file (you can actually change the location just by typing a new one instead of constantly using a backed up file), also select the new smaller .CFG file (mine is 184 KB). Select Input Folder from where you have stored all your 9941 edited/replaced sounds and GO!


*One thing I learned is that your .wav file must be "WAV" instead of "Wave 64". I noticed that I was exporting the wrong format in Reaper, so choose 16 bit PCM "Force WAV". If you select "Auto WAV/Wave64" you will get a nasty "click" at the beginning of the rebuilt .SDT 

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