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DYOM 8.1 on Android w/ Exagear (Tutorial)


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DYOM 8.1 on Android w/ Exagear (Tutorial)

No, it's not a joke and yes, this is real. You can download the PC version of GTA SA and of course, DYOM as well, on Android. Here are some screenshots and pictures of it:







I'll share the links & tutorial on how to do all of this:


Video tutorial: (Exagear Installation & Input Bridge (for easier control) Installation tutorial video)



Text Tutorial: (Exagear Installation, GTA SA Installation, CLEO 4 & DYOM Installation tutorial)




1. Join this discord. https://discord.gg/mj7BApEuZ2. Go to "apk and caches" channel, and download "MultiWine 3 in 1" zip file.
2. Extract the downloaded zip file (Use a file manager)
3. Install the apk. Android 11+ will have a different apk file, choose correctly.
4. Copy the folder "com.hugo3in1.benchmark" to Android/obb/(here)
5. Download the GTA SA File (http://www.mediafire.com/file/kv8gqy8jzjkmj7v/gta+sa+by+barry+alien.rar)
6. Open file manager, extract the game file.
7. Now open the Exagear app, it's called "ED 3in1" It might take a while when opening for the first time.
8. Tap on the three lines button at the top left corner, select "Containers Manager"
9. You'll be directed to container manager tab. Tap on "+" button at the top right corner, then choose "Wine5.0.4"
10. A new container will be created. Tap on the three dots and choose "Settings" to edit the container. You can change your controls, language, etc.
11. Go back to container manager and tap on the three lines at the top left corner again, this time choose "Desktop"
12. Tap on the container folder you just made.
13. Now check ALL the options above "CLEAN SERVICES" and START SERVICES"
14. Now tap on "CLEAN SERVICES", then " START SERVICES". Do this EVERY single time before opening your container.
15. Now open the container with tapping on "TFM (VirGL)"
16. Wait, and then you'll see a Windows XP desktop with the file manager already opened.
17. Now minimize the Exagear app, and go back to your Android file manager. Copy the extracted GTA SA files (step 5 & 6) to Android/data/com.hugo3in1.benchmark/files/Download/(here)
18. Now go back to Exagear, then in the computer file manager, go to disk D. All the files you put on Android/data/com.hugo3in1.benchmark/files/Download will show up on Disk D
19. Go to "Start" menu, select Install, then install DirectX.
20. (Redo step 19, but this time, install Mesa_18.3.0)
21. Open the GTA SA game folder on Disk D then open "gta_sa.exe"
22. Done. To Install DYOM, you must first download CLEO 4 (https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/cleo/1074-cleo-4-gta-san-andreas.html) and the DYOM mod (https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=5038). The installation is pretty much the same as how you would install CLEO and DYOM on PC: Just put the CLEO files to the game folder, and put the DYOM mod files to My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/(here)

Edited by NerdWithGuns
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