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Ideas/discussion about next gta's replay value ...


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lets dicuss and talk about what you all think that the next gta should include/make better from gta:vc so that there is Much more replay value in the game after you get 100%!


I know -replayable missions is one ... so if you think so say so ..and also put ina few more suggestions and explanation ...


its always good to dream :p


so for me the first thing i'll say for now that i think would Keep me coming back to the game would be: being able to go to casinos (and gamble YOUR money you made thru the game), night clubs (BUT with games like darts, err maybe drinking contest or something :p ), and maybe even going to more sporting events and being able to play in them some way!


now what's your ideas? :)

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There is a Pinned topic in "GTA Vice City General Discussion" that is the same thing as this topic, so in other words, this topic is pointless.

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k, i know but that is a general topic for ALL next gta wishes and i were to go in there and ask for people to talk about just replay value stuff then either barely NO one would do that or they would say "go talk about that somewhere else" ....


so i'm simply making a single topic for people who care to dream about what they would like to see in the game that would give it more replay value, that's all :)


All i'm trying to do is get some creativiy to work and something else to talk about and discuss ...


so please reconsider to actually post in this thread please and thanks  :turn:

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Okay... I think you should get to play more than jsut one character, that way there is more variety in missions and more replayability!



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Great idea PontiFex!


Hopefully more of you can add to this thread with your own new (or EVEN your old ideas) just so we can see them in one thread and discuss them  :colgate:


thanks to all who post (in advance)  :D

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Well, once that PS2 Linux is more widley spread (yes, it is out, but only to european/asian countries and its rare there also) Rockstar should somehow use one of the USB ports on the PS2 to connect to a computer so you can take replays of the game and stream them through like Windows Media Player, and share them.  I think someone should also make a program like a P2P file sharing utility to share game files on memory cards and download them, as well as browse sites, get cheats, etc.



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Okay... I think you should get to play more than jsut one character, that way there is more variety in missions and more replayability!



Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.


I also like the idea of taking different paths with different characters you pick.  Then maybe they could meet halfway through the game.  Get my drift?

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these are some great ideas!


yah, different characters definitly would make for longer playing time and could be pretty fun!


anymore ideas? :)

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Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a sort of chop shop place where you could buy and sell parts of cars. Like you could change any part of your car such as the wheels or alloys, the colour,the lights, add hydrolics or even the shape. Then rare parts could be sold for a lot while common or old parts would be sold or bought for cheap. Wouldn’t that make the game really long? Then another idea I had would be that the cars you keep in your garages would have the boot full of your weapons so that you could have all weapons but wouldn’t carry them all around. Remember in vice that you couldn’t carry all your weapons, but this way you sorta have them nearby! So if you have a flamethrower and need a rocket launcher just pop over to the car you have. Good ideas eh?

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